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Jason Richwine Explaining Calmly…To Nobody

Jason Richwine Explaining Calmly…To Nobody

The sweetly naive Jason Richwine tries to calmly explain that his 2009 Harvard dissertation isn’t a hateful, racist document.

The dissertation posits in rather impassive terms that Latino immigrants at this point in history are, on the whole, a pretty dull lot and thus promise to be a burden on brighter, Whiter Americans for a couple of generations. He cites the documented difference in average IQs between Latinos and White Americans and suggests that if the US wants to have an effective immigration policy, we ought to institute IQ testing to make sure we’re only importing INTELLIGENT members of any ethnic group.

Think the New England Yankees/Leftists and Big Apple Zionists are going to simply LISTEN and TRY TO UNDERSTAND Richwine’s explanation or position?

Fat chance, Whitey. They see an opportunity to protest and they are gonna take it.

But seriously. Want to know a fact that makes liberals writhe in hatred? The existence of racial IQ differences. It makes them see red. First of all, it’s measurable and it’s reproducible, which means it can’t be explained away, though they desperately try. Second, it undermines a lot of their “social justice” narrative, which is their conveyor belt to power. Last, it implies to an increasingly narcissistic movement manned by the loathsome flotsam of two successively narcissistic generations that THEY–as humans–have limitations beyond their control that they can’t blame ON SOMEONE ELSE.

Leftists hate that more than anything.

So Mr. Richwine is up against forces much, much larger than the inability of the average individual to understand statistics. He’s up against 70 years of angry inter-generational brainwashing impenetrable by calm prose,  charts or graphs.


  1. swcamel says:

    I’m a new england yankee and I am listening.
    There are a lot more of us than you think.
    Most of the people I know loathe our PC overlords.
    We can’t say anything for the same reasons no one can say anything in totalatarian societies.
    My wife would be terrified if she knew I was writing this.
    The diversity czars have a demographic starngle hold on the electorate.
    They hold the cities and 40 miles along the coast.
    This gives them the power to dictate to the rest of us.
    Heck, 40 miles inland in Massachusetts its boiler plate red, New York is the same way.
    You have a lot more allies up here than you think.
    This btw is my first post.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Pardon me, Friend. I had in mind the citified, Harvard Square Marxist more than the Worchester working-class Knight of Columbus. It’s nice to know that there are still Copperheads who might bite the tyrant’s heel…

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