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“Geography of hate” looks at use of racist terms against Latinos, blacks on Twitter

Once again, they know where you are. Consider that. My favorite quote:

“The map also looked at the use of the most infamous racial slur aimed at blacks, the so-called “n-word,” and found a picture more troubling than any of the other words analyzed.

“[It’s] not concentrated in any single place or region in the United States; instead, quite depressingly, there are a number of pockets of concentration that demonstrate heavy usage of the word,” the academics wrote, adding that in addition to looking at the density of hateful words, they also examined how many unique users were tweeting these words.”

Translation: Blacks have made such a nuisance of themselves that even the descendants of Abolitionists dislike them.

NBC Latino

It’s no secret that internet users have always been able to get away with saying things online that they probably wouldn’t say in person, and a new map by Floating Sheep, a group of geography academics, takes the idea a step further by analyzing the use of racist and homophobic terms on Twitter across the United States.

The group looked at geotagged Tweets from June 2012 to April 2013 and students at Humboldt State University manually read and identified the sentiment of each tweet to determine if a specific word was used in a positive, negative or neutral way. Altogether 150,000 tweets were found to be negative.

Floating Sheep looked for the use of words like “wetback” and “spic” to analyze negative racial sentiment aimed at Hispanics or immigrants, with the former being the slur that was used by most users out of the two.

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  1. Douglas says:

    There is a problem with thi study which I pointed out in other publications. Blacks refer to themselves as nigger quite often. How do,they know these aren’t simply blacks saying, “what’s up nigga”? They don’t it is not a study of racist attitudes at all. It is simply a word study. I noticed that many of the areas represented had large populations of blacks.

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