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DAILY CHAIN PULL: “Black Rape White” OR, The Internet Behavior of Blacks


What turns them on…

Anyone who ever tells me that the notion of raping White women doesn’t excite and interest slave descendants is a liar, and I tell them so. I have proof, and I keep getting more every day. In the last 72 hours, over 90 people have been brought to my blog by searching some combination of “black man rape white woman.” The list up there is just from TODAY.

Africanoid men like the idea of rape and they especially like the idea of raping White women. They fantasize about it. They WANT, they DESIRE to rape White women. They type searches into Google looking for pictures and videos of it. I know this for a fact. The proof comes straight to my blog dashboard every day.

If you think you and your family will be able to deal with the America of ten years hence without a firearm, I’m telling you: forget it. Look up there again. Think about it.

They want to hurt your daughters. They want to hurt your wives. They want to hurt your sisters. They want to hurt your mothers. They think about it. So should you. And if you doubt my word, take one more long look.



  1. Elspeth says:

    My only question is this. How you are so certain that it is black men doing these searches? I’m not looking for a fight. I only found you because you commented on my post, or I would never know you were here. But since I did find you and my husband is on your enemies list, I thought I’d ask.

    I am very clear on the nature of black cultural dysfunction, illegitimacy and crime, and do not deny that the black underclass is a wretched mess and a nuisance. That’s not at all my point here so I’d appreciate the courtesy of having my question taken at face value.

    Could it be possible that these searches come via people who share your view, looking for statistics or anecdotal evidence to support their theories?

    I am just not sure how Google searches reveal anything that could be remotely considered concrete evidence of anything. I’ve done some Google searches that could be construed as just about anything.

    • One of the search terms I got (not shown above) was “White women like to be raped by black men” another was “black man big cock rape.”

      That is not the work of a White Nationalist. That is the work of an Africanoid smoking a joint in front of a stolen laptop with a palm full of shea butter.

      People like me search “interracial crime statistics” or “rape offender information” or “rape victimization survey” or something along those lines. These searches are the work of blacks…feral, violent, dangerous blacks.

      And your husband is on my enemies list? I didn’t realize I had one.

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