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[VIDEO] Meet Mando, the new Latino neighbor on “Sesame Street”

Yeah. Meet him! “Latino” is a code word for Mulatto in this case.

NBC Latino

Video by Maria Eugenia Alcon 

Ismael Cruz Córdova arrived in New York City from rural Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico, bright-eyed and bushy-haired at 19 to pursue a career in acting. Six years later, he’s already won an HOLA and ACE award and landed a recurring role on the CBS drama “The Good Wife.” Today, “Sesame Street” announced Cruz Córdova will be making his debut as “Mando,” the new Latino character on the children’s television series, on PBS Kids, on September 16.

Cruz Córdova was the one chosen out of hundreds who tried out for the new “Sesame Street” personality. Open-call auditions took place August of 2012, in New York City, in the search for a new Hispanic character.

“I feel like the luckiest big kid in the world,” says Cruz Córdova, excitedly. “I made it to Sesame Street!”

He says he felt like “Mando” was the perfect character for him…

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  1. Does he roll in a lowrider, drink Budwiser, and rape his 13 year old cousin? Welcome to the neighborhood Mando!

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