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Mantra Fliers On Windshields in Portland: Dissecting Attempted Anti-White Bias


Group Leaves Racist Fliers On Windshields, Neighbors Outraged

A study in attempted (and perhaps failed) Anti-White media bias. Let’s take a look.


“MILWAUKIE, Ore. – A neighborhood was blanketed with racist fliers on Thursday and people there say they won’t tolerate the hateful propaganda.”

Analysis: Oh? Tell us: What are some of the other details as to what the fliers said? That doesn’t seem to be in the story anywhere. Now I’m curious. Will I look it up on my own?


“Dinah Davis, who works on the street, took action after reading the flier….She spent the rest of her morning walk going up and down the road picking up the fliers off windshields. She collected a stack of them.”

Analysis: Look at the words chosen. This woman removed literature from other people’s cars so that they wouldn’t see it. That’s called censorship. But the words used here were carefully chosen to make it clear that she was a hero who “took action.” If I’m fair-minded at all, I think: “That sucks.”


“This is a form of low-grade terrorism, and this is meant to terrorize people who have been victims of violence,” [liberal professor Randy Blazak] said.

Analysis: Speech as low-grade terrorism. TERRORISM! Did they call it terrorism in the hours after the Boston Bombing? Do you recall? No. Why? Because they knew non-Whites might have been responsible. But THIS is “low-grade terrorism.” If I’m at all reasonable, I think: “Wait. Blowing people up is terrorism. Fliers on a windshield is not. What are they talking about?”


Blazak explained: “In the 1920s the Ku Klux Klan in Portland was primarily against Catholic immigrants. So this is just another version of targeting the immigrant population.”

Analysis: Association. Any indication of the fliers being associated with the KKK? No. But the association is made by force, here. If I’m mature, I think: “Jeez. That’s a bit of a stretch.”


He said even though it’s a hate message on paper, it’s still hate and not something to take lightly.

Analysis: Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White. Hate is a code word for anything that is NOT anti-White. Professor Ballzak is making that case for the messenger, here. If I’m suspicious of the media at all, I feel manipulated a bit.

So it’s not terribly effective, this story.

But here’s the fun part. Consider the confusion, though, when the story is read without the sort of background WNs bring to it.

First, the story is so poorly written that it isn’t clear why a Spanish-language flier that says the words “White Genocide” is hate literature against minorities. There is so much signal jamming here that anyone who read this story who wasn’t paying close attention could get the opposite impression: is a Mestizo group calling for the killing of Whites in Spanish? It really is somewhat brilliant. 

Second, the story repeats two phrases from the flier: “White genocide” and “Anti-Racist is a code word for anti-White.” They have just unwittingly furthered the message by that much without any of the other semi-hysterical gobbledygook making a lot of sense to the reader. 

Now, watch the video:

It really isn’t any clearer and, in fact, muddies the water almost as badly as the text. In the war of winning White opinion, I call this one a slight victory for the pro-White side.

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