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Brace Yourselves: Timmy Yakub Wise Is Making A Movie, And It’s Almost Done

wise copyHey Whitey! Looks like the notion of “White Privilege” is about to hit the talkies, thanks to NOLA’s third or fourth most-famous Jewlane graduate. (Jerry Springer is still probably number one in Toiletnation.–FD)

Anyway, look:

Tim Wise’s Film to Take Aim at White Privilege


Although the project is close to completion, [Timmy] recently kicked off a campaign to raise money to finish the film, whose baseline aim is to show how society’s failure to properly acknowledge and confront the psychological, social and political effects of white privilege continues to perpetuate racial inequality and race-based political resentments.”

Lofty goal. But he’ll have to raise a few more shekels, first:

Kickstarter Campaign>>Tim Wise

So, expect high schools and university campuses to have a new weapon in their anti-White arsenals very shortly.

Featured in the film will be the following Leftists and Race-Hustlers:

MICHELLE ALEXANDER–“People in prison are denied the right to vote in 48 states, and while we accept that as normal in the United States, in other western democracies people in prison do have the right to vote. In fact, in some countries there are actually voting drives conducted in prison! But here in the U.S., we seem to take the idea of democracy a bit less seriously.”

First of all, were you surprised to find out two American states let child rapists vote? Guess who? If you guessed Yankee liberal strongholds Maine and Vermont, you win! Anyway, campaigning in prison sounds like a good idea, Michelle. You first! I’ll hold the door to Angola Camp J open for you.

CHARLES OGLETREE –“We may not be able to directly say we have suffered in every case, but we cannot ignore the fact that Africa as a nation has greatly suffered. And I hope our reparations discussion isn’t limited to our borders. It is global. It is worldwide. It is pervasive. It is as significant to Africa now as it was three centuries ago. And I hope that that will be part of our discussions, as well.”

Um, there are 54 separate nations on the African continent, “Professor,” unless you meant that all blacks worldwide make up a “racial” or “ethnic” nation, which would make you a racist in your own terms. Next, if you think we’ll be paying slavery reparations to those 54 nations when we can’t afford to decently pave I-10, the only thing you suffer from is delusions.

IMANI PERRY –“I think many white Americans are fearful that with Obama in the White House, and the diversity in his appointments, that the racial balance of power is shifting. And that’s frightening both because people always are afraid to give up privilege, and because of the prospect of a black-and-brown backlash against a very ugly history.”

From her tone here, I think she might think the “prospective” mau-mau would be understandable.

JOHN H. BRACEY, JR. —“As capitalism (not neoliberalism, whatever that is) continues the relentless expansion across the globe that Marx outlined in the Communist Manifesto, it well might be that the actions of workers in China, India, Nigeria, and Brazil will have a greater impact on the prospects for socialism than that of workers in Europe and the United States.”

Uh-huh. Have you taken a good look at China, lately? It’s about as Communist as Amarillo.

Anyway, it looks to be a predictable hate Whitey fest full of the same old crew of Whitey haters. Keep an eye on your local syllabus to see who requires viewing.

I can’t wait to IMDB this one.

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