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Rape culture? Yes. Remedy? Yes.

Feminists talk about the fact that there is a “rape culture” in the United States. They claim that men in the United States are raping women far too frequently. They claim that the underlying cultural structure of our society contributes to the propensity of males to rape women. They claim that men get away with it and that women are often too ashamed to report it.

I can honestly say that I absolutely agree with them. I believe all of these things as well.

As a lowly undergrad, I studied the works of Peggy Reeves Sanday and her theory of the “rape prone” society. On general principles, I agreed with much of what she wrote, though I think her focus was off, just a bit. And I won’t go into her statistical and analytical problems. Who cares? Anyway, Sanday’s central theme is that men feel less compunction about raping women than they should because women are undervalued by men and men have too much power (and women too little) in some societies. It’s an issue of gender relations.

Here is where my view starts to diverge from that of the feminists.

Toiletnation is a rape-prone society for some less politically-correct reasons.

1. People are generally taught to overvalue themselves–“I am special”; “No one else is like you”; “You are perfect just the way you are”; “You don’t have to DO anything to be special, you ARE special.”

2. People are generally taught to undervalue other people–“What other people think doesn’t matter”; “You have to follow your heart, not what other people expect of you!”; “Dance like no one is watching”; “My parents expected me to study medicine, but I became a shit-sculptor instead. This is my life and I need to seek fulfillment”;”I don’t need to you worry for me, this is my life. Leave me alone.”

3. People are generally oversexed in a culture stuffed with crude, boring, disgusting hypersexuality–“Buy our shampoo. Here are some breasts”;

“Buy my records. This is my thong”;

“Welcome to your inbox. Have some porn?”;

“We are six minutes into a prime-time television show. Time for some sexual humor and a scene where two near-strangers go to bed together.”

4. People act and dress like trash–Go to church on Sunday. It’s cleavage time!

Open house at your kids’ school. More cleavage time!

Dude! Let’s watch this porno I just downloaded.

Function at the high school? Get those hookers off campus! Whoops. Those are the students.

Who’s that drunk girl stumbling through the high school party?

Oh my God! Did you see CELEBRITY NAME’s sex tape?

That girl in your dorm has slept with six guys this semester? Hot.

Hey, did you see her t-shirt? It said “Porn Queen.”

Hi! I know we just met, but I have a condom. Have sex with me three hours after we’ve met.

5. The justice system is run by weak social workers–Suspended sentences for violent crimes. Short sentences for second offenses. The death penalty held up as racist Holocaust. Victims blamed. Criminals sympathized with. Prison overseen by “activists.”

So, yes. We have a rape culture in Toiletnation, USA. And a murder culture. And a theft culture. And a flash mob culture. And, generally, a crime culture.

But there is a remedy. Want to see a picture from a time in our history in which rape was NOT commonplace?

Here go:


Yeah, we raped her. Then we just hung around.

Years ago, my late grandfather told me a story about a man travelling somewhere out in Western Louisiana in the early 20th century. A white man from out west just passing through looking for work, according to him.  He got drunk, got ahold of a girl in a late-night cafe’ parking lot, dragged her into a car, drove out into a cane field and raped her. Then, like an asshole, he passed out, making himself easy to find.

The local men dealt with him. He was hung upside down by his feet over the bayou at low tide. When the tide came up, he drowned. I guess he had a while to hang there and think about what he’d done and to hear how displeased the locals were, provided he understood any French. It could have been a yarn, as my research turns up nothing in the local papers out there.That doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, mind you. I just can’t find proof. But Paw-Paw wasn’t known to lie or tell unpleasant stories for fun.

But I digress.

Now, Jim Goad has made clear that false accusations of rape are made and made pretty often. But in a de-Toileted society, that itself would be a death penalty crime, as well, a’ la the Old Testament. False witness and all that.

I imagine that once the first rape liar got hanged, a new honesty would start to become the norm.

Until our society is willing to once again take crime as seriously as it deserves, I’m afraid we’ll have to live with it. Once we’ve had enough, the feminists will have their way.

The rape culture will be no more when we become decent again.


  1. Larissa Lee says:

    In a dark and slimy corner of my angry heart, I love the wonderfully violent solution of hanging rapists to stop rapes from continuing. It seems like a better incentive than catch-and-release jail time.

    • And because rape is a SERIOUS crime against a human being. It is akin to a sort of coital attempted murder. It is disregarding a person’s humanity and using their body as just a thing. It is a crime of psychopathy. It deserves death.

  2. Reblogged this on murderbymedia and commented:
    Of course any idiot knows that negroes do the vast majority of rapes, and they have their own reasons for this that has nothing to do with us. I guess the feminists don’t mention this fact because it’s not P.C.

  3. art says:

    kudos a very good posting making a lot of good points, i’ve seen this for decades (since the 60s) hypersexualization crammed down the collective throats of millions 24×7, the weaker minded will succumb and feel “ahh’s gonna get me sum muh dik….and who runs all the media, who could it be? could it be the jews?

  4. Thanatos says:

    Absolute bullshit from the feminists. Men are raped far more often than women if your definition of rape is forced sex.

    Here’s why you don’t know that,this is the FBI’s definition of rape:

    “Rape is penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim.”

    Got that?

    Can you think of any way that a man’s anus could be penetrated by a vagina? Neither can I. Does it seem to you that the most common form of female on male rape is probably to try to insert her vagina into his anus, or do you think it is more common to try to force his penis into her vagina,possibly while he is drunk or otherwise incapacitated?

    Unless the man was raped by a woman by the method described,i.e.,she somehow managed to force her vagina into his anus for some reason,or she decided to stick her finger or an object up his ass (which is probably the least common form of rape as it would only give sexual satisfaction to an extreme minority of sexual sadists),it’s not counted as rape. Additionally, prison rapes (where these types of insertion-oriented rapes are more common) are not even included in the figures. That’s right,not even included.

    As you might expect, this gives rape figures which are in line with the feminist orthodoxy that rape is something that men do to women. What they have done is essentially like saying no fruit is grown in Florida, and “proving it” by discarding oranges and citrus fruits from the category of “fruit” before they even start. If you included rapes by envelopment (where a woman forcibly inserts a man’s penis into herself) or rapes by lack of consent (which are included for women who were raped), and prison rapes, rape is something that happens nearly exclusively to MEN. That’s right. If there is a “rape culture” it is a culture oriented towards condoning,excusing, or promoting the rape of MEN.

    Men are the victims of 80% of the violent crime in the United States. INCLUDING rape. Women have never been safer.

    You can find sources and references for ALL of these figures and statements and see for yourself here:h-t-t-p : //www[dot]avoiceformen[dot]com

    The feminists are COMPLETELY full of shit. The reality is pretty much the polar OPPOSITE of what they say and they know it. They have massaged the figures which they report, that they claim as evidence of their statements, and they have suppressed (sometimes by death threats and other violence) about 20 or 30 years of evidence which contradicts every single claim they are making.

    See for yourself. Visit that website and search “rape culture”,”rape” etc. Start there, and maybe after you finish learning the truth about rape, you might research other feminist claims for shits and giggles, like the “pay gap”, “glass ceiling” and so forth. You will be shocked to see just how distorted or outright falsified most of the claims of feminists really are.

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