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Daily Chain Pull: The Continuing Birth Pains of a Nation


Jus’ put yo’ foots up an’ relax, Mel. Dis heah OUR country, now.

So this is happening:

Obama Taps Mel Watt For Housing Post

Obama choice of Charlotte Rep. Mel Watt to regulate mortgage finance sparks controversy

And some opposing viewpoint (NeoCON alert): The WSJ’s Favorite Racist

Not much to say, really, but it brings to mind a quote from a book which is quoted on one of the intertitle cards in Birth of a Nation. Feel free to watch it below. It’s silent and 100 years old, which means nobody watches it anymore, but the themes are so relevant it’s scary.

But I digress.  Anyway, the quote–a quote from Woodrow Wilson’s History of the American People–says:

In the villages the negroes were the office holders, men who knew none of the uses of authority, except its insolences.”

Which Mel Watt brought to mind. No, not because he’s a Carolina high yellow in a suit a’ la Silas Lynch. And, no, not even because he kind of LOOKS like Silas Lynch:


In my mind, at least.

But because he has some pretty intense quotes to his name. Quotes like:

Watt: “There would be a substantial majority of white voters who would say that under no circumstances would they vote for an African American candidate.”

Not THAT substantial, though, I guess, considering who just nominated him?

He also said that The Voting Rights Act should have the power to “adjust districts to take [racially motivated voting] into account.” What this means, specifically, is that White districts in the former Confederate states should be dismantled or gerrymandered out of existence and that more black districts should be created.  In this way, the VRA can see to it that “racist [White] votes are factored out of the equation.”

Weird thing about Mel Watt. As part of the DSA Caucus, he is reputed to have said some pretty inflammatory things. But, somehow, he’s never on the record. Ralph Nader–NADER!–so upset Watt by, in his mind, throwing the 2000 election to George W. Bush that Watt apparently insulted him behind closed doors. Nader has never repeated exactly what Watt said, which either means it’s minor or that it’s horrible. My guess is the latter.

On a more technical matter, Watt, in his Reconstructionist fervor to see to it that everyone got their 40 acres, was involved in pushing Pathways to Homeownership through Congress, which, if not being a direct cause of the subprime crisis, was certainly an accelerant on the fire. The jist of the program was to ensure that (black) people on welfare could buy houses–many FAR out of their realistic ability to EVER pay even after getting jobs–with next to nothing down. For the record, an iteration of this is still in effect.

Not to mention his role in the deregulation of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which he will now oversee, though he doesn’t seem to know what that means. Note: When a Democrat talks deregulation, cherchez le negre.

Thus the incredulity of many that this person is now possibly going to be in charge of GOVERNMENT HOUSING FINANCE.


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