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Daily Chain Pull: Mountain Dew Pulls Ads…’Most Racist In History’

Watch these:

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AVClub: Mountain Dew Pulls Stupid Talking Goat Ads

NPR: Mountain Dew Pulls Ads

Mountain Dew Ad Called ‘Racist’

Wanna see who wrote, produced and directed these RACIST ads? Here ya go:


Tyler the “Creator” of the rap group “Odd Futures.”

What’s interesting is the way this whole Mountain Dew thing shows how the world has turned upside down in Toiletnation.

When Tyler and his…uh…collaborators…crapped out created these brain-dead ads, a “Bizarro World” chain of events was set in motion.

To wit:

  1. Advertisers, in an effort to be politically correct and empowering and popular with minority markets, hired a young, black male hip hop artist to develop some ads. How progressive!
  2. The young, black male honestly expressed the culture in which he was raised and created a protagonist he could understand…abjectly stupid, not human, violent, menacing, using criminal-inspired slang. He cast black men he knows personally as the actors. So…these aren’t actors cast as stereotypes. These are real people who ARE stereotypes.
  3. The advertisers, afraid of backing out of the project and being seen as negating the creative “efforts” of an oppressed minority, are cornered into approving and releasing ads that any but the most unintelligent marketer would know were going to be seen as racist, stereotype-filled hate speech. They believed that the fact that a black kid had put them together would be their PR flak jacket.
  4. The ads are released and cause an outcry.
  5. Mountain Dew and PepsiCo look so stupid as to boggle the mind.

The lesson here? I think the lesson is DON’T GIVE RAPPERS CREATIVE CONTROL OVER YOUR AD CAMPAIGN FOR A MAINSTREAM PRODUCT, YOU MORONS. What’s most amazing is that the ads MADE IT through preliminary screenings.

Tyler: “So, yo, cuz. Peep dis. Da goat wants his Dew, knowwhumsayin’? And da white bitch be all slow. So he fuck her up wit’ his goat fists an’ shit! Hahahaha!”

Stunned Ad Man: “Uh. They’re hooves.”

Tyler: “You fuckin’ correctin’ me? What? You my master? I’m jus’ a dumb nigga, huh?”

Stunned Ad Man: “Oh. No. No! I..I was jus…I’m sorry.”

Tyler: “You goddamn right. Racis’ cracka. Now, in the next one, da goat nigga run from the cops! Hahaha!”

Imagine the conundrum the PepsiCo idiots sat there sweating in! They had to put this crap out or risk being called racists! And then, they were called racists anyway!

It seems “inclusivity” is a rope which sometimes catches the necks of the hangmen.



  1. I’ve never been partial to any of the negro’s creative muses.
    I hope some brain-dead, PC yes man ad execs lost their careers over this idiotic fiasco.

  2. Reblogged this on murderbymedia and commented:
    A buncha flack over some idiotic jig commercial…

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