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Blackening History: Was Fritz Ostermueller An Evil, Bean-Balling Racist?

So you’re a screenwriter and you’ve just got to make a movie about Jackie Robinson getting shoved into the segregated major leagues by a social activist baseball manager. As we discussed when reviewing Spielberg’s Lincoln, you’re going to need to decide on your selection of White stock characters to stick in the movie.

Let’s brainstorm…You’ll need:

Nasty Racist Jerks in Crowd…Check!

Cowardly Whites Who Like You Personally But Won’t Back You Up…Check!

White Buddy Who Wants to See Justice…Done.

And, of course, you’ll need a real bad guy. A real evil creep to root against and hate. How about another player? You know, like a pitcher who shouts hateful things from the mound and throws fastballs at the hero’s face? Heck. Just use a real historical figure. Nobody will care! He’s dead.

Okay. So…how about one with a really GERMAN last name? You know, like a NAZI? Check the rosters…okay…Gehrig? No. Not Gehrig. Um…Ooooh….How about WHITEY Ford? He called himself WHITEY! What a racis–No. Here. Got it.

FRITZ OSTERMUELLER! Sieg Heil, huh? Wait. Who?

Well, who cares? He was white, he played against Robinson and my sloppy research says he once hit Jackie with a pitch. What a racist! We can even make his face up so he looks a little like DEATH…


Death hurler…symbolizing RACISM.

Don’t worry. Like I said: he’s DEAD!

Okay. Action!

But wait a second. Family is saying Ol’ Fritz wasn’t really a racist, after all. And not to mention that the movie gets the facts wrong. It shows Fritz hitting the brave, noble, stoic Jackie in the HEAD on PURPOSEBaseball historians seem to think it was Jackie’s ARM and probably on accident…After all, the pitcher was 41 and had been playing for FOURTEEN YEARS when the incident occurred, and he might have been having control issues. Hmmm. But ya can’t trust Whitey…After all, it LOOKED intentional.

But Jackie Robinson, on page 147 of HIS OWN BOOK “My Own Story” admitted that he accepted the explanation that it was an accident and was not a “racist” bean-ball. And no mention of Ostermueller yelling “You don’t belong here!” He musta thought it, and Jackie picked it up with his racism telepathy. Black people have that, you know.

It’s amazing how Hollywood will absolutely not hesitate to throw good people under the bus of propaganda. The most infuriating part is that the movie audience, brains softened by years of anti-White propaganda, will sit there like this:


The stands of fans in “42.”  You show. We believe.

And assume the movie has its facts straight. After all, the “Red Tails” never lost a plane, right?

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  1. If we were really as mean as jewish Hollywood likes to say we were, those negroes would all either be dead by now or all safely tucked away back in Afreeka.

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