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Daily Chain Pull: NCAA Called Upon to Be “More Inclusive”

NCAA President: “More Inclusiveness Needed on Campus”

You can’t make this stuff up.


“NCAA president Mark Emmert opened Tuesday’s second Inclusion Forum by urging campus leaders to make school policies more welcoming for women, minorities, disabled athletes and those with different sexual orientations.”

Honestly. How is this even possible at this point? I mean, to wit:


“Gay Athletes to be Served pre-Chewed Food!”

Some American college campuses make Sodom and Gomorrah look like a meeting of The John Birch Society. What more does Emmert want campuses to do? Have security and the janitors in the quad walk around in leather and drag? Not to mention the vast overrepresentation of minority athletes in comparison to national demographics (and academic ability).

But wait! Emmert did get called out at the press conference at which he made his recommendation that campuses get gayer…


[O]ne of Emmert’s signature reforms, tougher academic standards, was debated.

“One man noted that because of limited educational resources, it could lead to a widening gap between athletes from lower-income areas and those from the wealthier suburbs given the new requirements. Current rules require athletes to have a 2.0 GPA in their core high school courses. Beginning in 2016, incoming freshmen must have a 2.3 in those classes.”

Mark, Mark, Mark. You want to include more gays, but not blithering, illiterate morons? What’s the matter with you? Don’t you know?

Our Diversity Is Our Strength!©

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  1. Anti-NWO says:

    “Diversity is indistinguishable from decay”

    So nobody should have choices in terms of culture, cuisine, religion and philosophy, eh? We should all have one big monolithic culture in the US and of course that would be YOUR particular culture, right?

  2. Anti-NWO says:

    What do you mean by “separation”? Religions already ARE separated. I go to a mandir, you might go to a church. What more separation do you want?

    And what do you think of Christians who purposely try to crash the religious celebrations of other people, as is common during Rathayatra in the US?

    • I think there should be no Rathayatra in the US. I think Hindus should be in India, where God created them. Complete racial separation is what I mean by separation.

      Separate the races, send the Heathens home. Anyway, Vrindavan is where it is for a reason. For Hindus to be in the Western world is blasphemy.

    • One more thing. The NWO loves and adores the fact that Indians and Pakistanis and Arabs and Africans are flooding the West. Wouldn’t being “Anti -NWO” mean wanting people to live in peace where they belong??

  3. Anti-NWO says:

    “I think there should be no Rathayatra in the US. I think Hindus should be in India, where God created them. ”

    God created Christians in the Middle East. And yet here you are.

    • Yes, and we got here before all the other civilized religions. So, we won the first round of culture conquest. It remains to be seen who’ll emerge on top in the next round. Betting on Whitey studying Sankhya or dancing in Kirtans in the long run is a losing bet.

  4. Anti-NWO says:

    By the way, I was not created in India. I’m a white American.

  5. Anti-NWO says:

    First, I don’t know why you are assuming Gaudiya Math, Hare Krishna, Vrindavan. Hinduism contains more than just the Vaishnava sects.

    Second, I have been a Hindu for over 2 decades. It was and still is very much “who I am”, from childhood.

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