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The Future is Now: What To Expect

Belgian Archbishop Attacked by Crazed Lesbians. No kidding.

Because, As the Headline Says: “Church Is Homophobic”

And he sat there stoically and took the abuse. He’s a priest, after all; he has to.

But note that the assailants seemingly have no fear of repercussion, no fear of being immediately stomped by outraged audience members, no fear of any social backlash. No Catholics stood up to protect this man. In Europe, the attackers are heroes. The chances of them facing any legal trouble–or any other kind of trouble–is minimal. In Europe, they are seen as being in the right and the Bishop is seen as a monster, an intellectual criminal, an atavism.

It’s easy to say that the Catholic Church has made its own bed and is now being vengeance-raped in it, having been home to innumerable pedophiles over the years, but I believe the Church is learning a different lesson, one that every institution that deals incorrectly and patiently with liberalism, Leftism and Jewdom learns: those forces relentlessly destroy and they hold long grudges and They Will Not Be Moved.

The effort and time those corrosives put into destroying an institution is directly proportional to the stature of that institution and the power, money and conviction with which it resists the social forces for change around it. The Catholic Church has long been a juicy target…the juiciest! It is only within very recent historical memory, however, that the Church has finally developed enough chinks in its armor to sink to the level it has.

In the 1950s and 60s, the Catholic Church bowed to the same post-war, postmodernist pressures as just about every other institution in the Western world. Mainline, liberal Protestants were invited to come and listen and have input into the theological debates within the Church, Jews were consulted on ecclesiastical Anti-Semitism, and the policy of “sanctifying the world” by accepting every drumbeat, topless dance and pagan chant as part of an already de-traditionalized Liturgy took hold. The Church even began to hint that homosexuality wasn’t a SIN, but was instead a biological determination that Christ called sinners to resist, like a diabetic craving candy. Hell! The Church even said that homosexuals should be ENCOURAGED TO TAKE HOLY ORDERS (CCC 2357 – 2359). What do you think “called to chastity” means?

And by the way:

Nuns? Take those habits off!

Communion? Let Dick the chiropractor hand it out!

Latin mass? HAHAHA!

Guitars and bongos? Yes! Kum ba yah!

HEAVY METAL MASS??? (No. Really.) Yes!

Liberation theology? Viva la revolucion!

But, as Christ said, ya can’t serve two masters. You gotta hate the one and love the other. What he forgot to mention was that one of the masters might just turn into a slave-beater who demands a deep-throating.

So now, the Church finds itself in a heck of a position. It has been seen by the Culture-Destroyers as being malleable. Also, it has been revealed as being deeply internally flawed with scandal (remember that wimpy position on homos?) So, from now on, any stance it tries to take contrary to what the Mundus cariosus will be met with the impatient rage of the bully who has been given 90% of the lunch money he demands.

Everybody knows the way to deal with a bully is to wait in his yard, catch him alone and beat him with something like a bat or golf club. Because bullies hate resistance. Or have things changed?

But you know how bullies make their demands known if you DON’T stand up? Insults. Beatings. Intimidation. Wedgies. And, as Bishop Andre-Leonard found out, showing up to dump water over your head and humiliate you.

This will continue and either Western man will rally in mutual defense of institutions like the Catholic Church, or the Church will become the next spineless Episcopalian-style and spiritually irrelevant Political Correctness factory.


  1. mindweapon says:

    Kind of like the Dartmouth incident recently,

    the Left makes itself HATED by it’s approach. These people think that the supposed righteousness of their cause makes up for their utter cluelessness about public relations or empathy for their intended audience.

  2. Yeah those jews have done a rel number on their old adversaries, the catlicks. I read somewhere that after WW2 they encouraged a lot of homos to become priests, and we know what that has led to!

  3. rogerunited says:

    That group is Femen, they’re professional protesters based in Ukraine, I think, who travel around Europe.. Google them, they’re worse than you think.

    The really sad part is that nobody stood up for the priest. Of course, he was speaking at a university, so the audience may have been sympathetic to the protestors. I’m not catholic, but I would have.

    • I’m not Catholic anymore, either, but I can’t imagine sitting by while any minister of any normal, Orthodox faith was so abused. The guy was speaking calmly on behalf of normalcy and 1900 years of social tradition, and these beasts pounced. Sick world.

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