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Anti-White Racism Trial In France: White Defendant!


Les anti-blancs sont tout...blanc! Justice for anti-White Whites! LOL!

Justice! Down with anti-White Racism. If the perp is white, that is.

Anti-White Racism Trial In France: White Defendant!

LOL! With innumerable attacks on Whites by immigrants and minority violence on French streets basically being dismissed as social justice on a regular basis, France has decided that it’s time to do something about anti-White racism. By trying a White guy. Of course, they’ve tried to keep the fact that the defendant is White on the QT, as they say, but it’s a known fact.

It seems the only way to get anti-White racism criminalized in the quasi-Marxist societies of Europe is get a White person to do the crime!

Quel dommage.

Other Reading: Defendant in French Anti-White Racism Case is White

French Court to Hear Case of ‘Anti-White’ Racism


  1. mindweapon says:

    Hey, it’s a start. White nationalists usually predict the outcomes of laws, but no one that I knew of predicted that it would be blacks who get busted for hate crimes more frequently than whites. Even though they often find any excuse not to prosecute as a hate crime, such as the “he had a white girlfriend” excuse by the prosecutor in the Wichita Massacre, for the times that blacks get extra hate time on their sentences STILL exceeds that of whites.

    Still, blacks fear prison less than whites. Many whites WANT to be responsible, working members of society, and being a convicted felon makes it that much more difficult. For blacks, no big deal.

    Everything liberals do ends up working against them. I have been saying this for years, but on the Political Cesspool, my favorite talker, Keith Alexander, said, something like “the triumph of liberalism is the end of liberalism.” I’m listening to it again to get his exact phrasing, but his point is that:

    1. LIberals depend on civilization as much or more than conservatives. Listen to talk radio — right wing talk radio advertises gold and stored food, left wing shows advertises run of the mill bread and circuses.

    2. Right wing people, all the more so as society gets more impoverished and anarchistic, become more fanatic, and more psychologically and tactically prepared with teh stored food, gardens, water filters. For example, I can distill water using the sun. I can make swamp water into drinking water with just some equipment and the sun. I know a guy who was the Civil Defense Coordinator of New London County, and decades later he reminisces of that past glory, preparing the population for a nuclear war that never happened. But this dude knows his DOOM. He said that in the event of a breakdown, people will get lazy and stop boiling their water and just drink it straight from the surface water source. Surface water has DANGEROUS MICROBES that will eat out your guts and kill you inside of a week, a long, painful week. There’s a reason we get water from wells. But people will do it anyway, and get sick, because that’s human nature.

    So the lefties fuck up society, live as though civilization is unbreakable, and make us more fanatic and attentive to the Long Emergency.

    Also, things will get bad enough that liberal-ing won’t be possible any more. The Dystopia, the Long Emergency, will overcome the liberals, and they will have to turn their attentions to basic survival. Egalitarianism will go from something that served them to get an easy career, to a different something that is as useless as a plastic pumpkin, and tossed aside in a microsecond.

    It’s going to be an amazing social transformation to watch — a Force of Nature, like a hurricane or a tsunami. And a man made natural disaster at that, because liberalism created the disaster, the dystopia, and the back lash against it is going to be a raging and uncontrollable storm.

    There’s no stopping the dystopia at this point. Here’s what to watch for — millions of whites work in social services and prisons It’s a big jobs program because they took away our real jobs — our factories, farms and workshops.

    Libs say that the government needs to do more Keynesian spending, and that Keynesianism has overcome the laws of thermodynamics — but they don’t acknowledge that we already live in Keynesian Make Work Dystopia. More of the same is NOT what we need. We don’t need more prison guards or social workers or cops or diversity management officers. We need, or we are going to need real soon, farmers, and food processors.

    Keynesian Make Work Dystopia contains the seeds of its destruction, and these seeds are sprouting.

  2. It’s worth noting that the victim is reprensented by the French equivalent of the Anti-Defamation League, the Licra (Ligue contre le racisme et l’antisémitisme, translation self-evident).

    Here is what one of Licra’s lawyers, Mr. Stasi (!), had to say about the perpetrator (my translation): “The fact he talked about an “Arabic type” [translator’s note: when describing himself!] proves that Mr. Djender distinguishes between people he deals with on an ethnic basis. Consciously or inconsciously, it’s a way, for him, to sort people out, to evaluate people he encounters.”

    Yet another proof that the struggle against anti-white racism is worse than useless: it reinforces the idea that punishing opinions is good, that even noticing the ethnicity of persons around you is bad, and that multiculturalism should be pursued, provided it works.

    Of course, this failed strategy doesn’t work as we see in this case, and it divests resources, time and energy from the real cause: living with your kin, with a real future for your children.

    By the way, if a thug assaults me, his intention doesn’t really matter to me.

    Here is an interesting article on a similar topic: Poor Little Oppressed White People.

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