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Daily Chain Pull: Our Diversity Is Our Strength! OR, ‘Wanted: Asian Guilt’

University of California at Irvine.

Racist Video Stirs Anger on Campus at UC-Irvine


“The video shows members of Lambda Theta Delta dancing to the Justin Timberlake song “Suit & Tie” as they get dressed up in suits and dark sunglasses. About a minute into the clip, a student wearing blackface joins in and pretends to be hip hop artist Jay-Z, who raps on the song with Timberlake.”

Damn White racists. When will they lear–


“The fraternity, the university’s oldest and largest Asian-American Greek fraternity, and the four students behind the video are under investigation for the “reprehensible” clip, said Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Thomas Parham.”

Whaa…?! Asians? Well, surely if they apologize to the Blacks at school, the Blacks will forgive them more readily than they would White students. After all, Asians don’t have “White privilege…”


Ainaria Johnson, a 21-year-old senior and Black Student Union co-chair, said the group’s apology didn’t ring true.“We told them the time to apologize and the time for conversation has passed,” Johnson said. “None of that can take back what you did. You’re not sorry that you did it, you’re only sorry you got caught.”

Asian students make up 49 percent of the student body at UC Irvine while black students make up about 3 percent, Parham said.”

Jeez. That Black Student Union lady is really freaking out, huh? That kind of black ire is usually reserved for White, Rich Republican Males From Mississippi. She’s basically taking a dump on an apology.

My favorite part is that it’s obvious the Asian kids just needed someone to play Jay-Z and I’m betting no blacks were available. I mean, look at the video! Can you imagine any of those guys being cool with any of the 65 blacks on campus? After all, blacks only make up 3% of the student body (and even that is probably artificially attained through affirmative action).

These guys probably didn’t even understand or care what the hell “blackface” was all about. Think Asian kids from Cali are raised to worry about the historical implications of shoe polish on the cheeks? I guess the “Asian guilt” machine needs to be brought on-line?

But who’da thunk it? The social and political beast of “minority” eats itself when no White Meat is available.

Hmmm. Maybe John Derbyshire has a point. It may be in the best mutual interest of Asian Americans and White Americans to form a sort of “ protection pact” against the  Ainaria Johnsons of the world. Because when Whitey ain’t around, guess who’ll have the “privilege” in the eyes of blacks, Mr. Forty-Nine Percent of the Student Body?

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    The social and political beast of “minority” eats itself when no White Meat is available.

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