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Update From Purdue: Hoaxers Double Down

Update From Purdue: Hoaxers Double Down


“[P]olice are investigating the most recent act of racism as a hate crime. A poster left behind by protesters from Monday was defaced Tuesday morning with a racial slur and stick figure drawing of a body hanging from a tree. 

“Because there was damage to the property and it was racially motivated, is what tips it to be investigated as a hate crime,” said John Cox, Purdue Police Chief. 

“The poster was part of memorial from Monday’s march. The march which was organized after the words “white supremacy” were found at the Black Cultural Center last week. Police said that supposedly racist incident was not a truly racist act. Officers said it had been left over from an earlier class discussion.”

So they protested, made a mess on campus and then one of them drew a “hanged negro” on a poster. THEN, they reported it to police. It’s politically incorrect to use the moniker “boy,” so I’ll say it looks like a case of …the Victim who Cried Racist Wolf .

Is the Purdue Black Cultural Center having budget issues? Because somebody sounds desperate.

Great quote from the link above:

Hord said [Black] culture centers must dispel the notion that they are nothing but “baby-sitting arrangements for students to come over to socialize, eat and have parties.”

“And during a time of campus budget cutting, the association needs “to have quantitative data” to justify centers’ benefit to university administrations, he added.

“We are concerned with gathering data and encouraging research that specifically looks at what we do and how we do and what effect that we have on Black students, specifically, and on higher education, generally,” said Todd McFadden, ABCC president and director of the Upperman African American Cultural Center at the University of North Carolina Wilmington.”

Think that “quantitative data” includes number of “hate crimes” detected and marched about?

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    What a buncha whiny losers who need to get a life of some kind.

  2. mindweapon says:

    Liberalism is running out of steam!

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