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Dolemite Gets Framed OR, Anything Oberlin Can Do, Purdue Can Do Better?

Read this:

Third Reported Act of Racism Hits Purdue

My favorite quote:

Purdue police are continuing to investigate the third act of racist vandalism on Purdue’s campus. Police Chief John Cox said the words “white supremacy” were found in the Black Cultural Center.

Cox said it will likely be categorized as a bias incident, because no permanent damage was done. 

“There was some discussion by staff that indicated that it could have been possibly left over from a class that had been in there,” said Cox. “We have since contacted the instructor who has since told us it wasn’t her handwriting. The investigation is ongoing.”

The Black Cultural Center. I would have thought the words “White Supremacy” would be on the wall in placard form, like “Exit.” Can you imagine two words MORE likely to be found written on the “white” board in the Black Cultural Center than WHITE SUPREMACY? It would make it so much easier to point to that way.

Why are blacks 50 times more likely to target Whites when committing crimes? WHITE SUPREMACY

Why does 35% of the black male population have a felony conviction in their history? WHITE SUPREMACY

Why did I need affirmative action to get into this classroom? WHITE SUPREMACY

Why do I not know who the father of my child is? WHITE SUPREMACY

Heck. I might sell flashy, stylish signs that say “White Supremacy” online just to make a quick dollar. “Remind Yourself of Who’s to Blame! White Supremacy! That’s The Name! Only $29.99!”

Anyway, it looks like they got out of class today at Purdue. Just like they did at Oberlin.


[A]  group is planning to march through campus to hold a peaceful demonstration Monday.

“[Black Studies pimp] Conner said Purdue administrators aren’t doing enough to address the racist acts on campus. He’s hoping Monday’s march will catch the attention of Purdue President Mitch Daniels and administrators.

“He says all participants will be wearing black for solidarity and carrying candles. 

“We’re going to continue this march in the spirit of those 129 black students in 1968 that marched in front of Hovde and left bricks in front of the Hovde administration building,” said Conner. “They left a note saying, ‘Or the fire next time.’ The theme of this march is, ‘The fire this time.'”


Seems funny that this would be happening this week. Once again, the liberal Left has had to deal with the fact that, darn it, White guys just aren’t into terrorism or intimidation and that must be annoying. When will we live up to the evil they want us to?

But seriously, anyone with half a brain knows this is yet another hoax, yet another fraud. Purdue has lots of them. Because I seriously doubt any White guy sneaked into the Black cultural center and wrote “White Supremacy.” In other words, there ain’t nothin’ in my trunk, man!

As Dolemite would say: “Another frame-up, hm?”

Other reading: More Than 200 (Mostly White Liberal Idiots) Attend March at Purdue


  1. Stories like this are just so pathetic.
    They always turn out to be hoaxes, but that doesn’t stop the media from eagerly pouncing on them all the time.

  2. You should really research before you post ignorance. It is more than the proverbial writings on the wall. But that’s right…you wouldn’t have noticed. That’s because myth of white supremacy has allowed you to be priviledged enough to be blind. Have a good day.

    By the way, last semester I had sex with 22 men, and I can’t remember any of their names. You gon’ slut shame me?

    • I’m privileged to know there is no “d” in privilege. There is, however, a “d” in Detroit. The same “d” that is in “destruction” and “degeneration” and “depopulation” and “demographics.” It’s a Black D.

  3. driveallnight says:

    Yawn, another proud slut. Tell me….do you share that count you’re so proud of with your mother? Sisters/brothers? Co-workers/fellow students?

    Why not?

  4. nikcrit says:

    There has to be a point of critical mass approaching in which stories like these just stop being noted; there has to be!

    I mean, walk under any bridge or train tressel in a major city, nad you’ll see stuff like swastikas or black-fist caricatures, along with your obligatory ‘niggers,’ ‘spics’ ‘crackers’ assortment….. but what’s the point.

    Actually, i think graffiti such as that prevailed more ten, fifteen years ago when the pop culture was more segregated, and your average joe of whatever background had many fewer racial prototypes for each group floating around his more immediately accessible brain regions; but nowadays, everyone can readily cite a ‘good black’ vs. ‘a nigger,’ a good ‘hispanic’ vs. ‘a wetback,’ etc., so it’s less likely to enflame.

    Obvious point: if you see a swastika or whatever scrawled across the door of the Black Student Union or whatever, it’s obviously or at least most likely a prank borne solely out of provocation —— not some deviously thought out act of racial terrorism. Of course, everyone knows that, but the history of such deeds still demands that some kabuki-theater-like ritual of guilt-shame-and-redemption be played out and covered by the media (hence, my call for a media ‘tipping-point’ and update of said tired rituals).

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