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Liberal Media: Boston Bombing Not About Islam

Liberal Media: Boston Bombing Not About Islam

Darn it, this bombing is so unfair to Muslims!


This will open the door to the Islamophobic industry, an industry of ill-educated bigots, to attack Muslim communities,” said the Islamic Society’s Imam William Suhaib Webb, who posted a “Letter of Love to the Boston Community” on his ­Facebook page Friday.”


The story that seems to be developing here is more along the lines of standard alienated man goes out and commits atrocities, much more like the school shootings we’ve seen than organized Islamic insurgency,” said Yuri Zhukov, a fellow at the Program on Global Society and Security at Harvard University’s Weatherhead Center who studies extremism in the Caucasus.”



  1. mindweapon says:

    Tamerlan Tsarnaev travelled back to Chechnya recently, and the Russian government warned the US government about Tamerlan, adn the FBI interviewed him and let it go.

    Also, Tamerlan was making anti-US, pro-jihad youtube videos, and the US naturalized him anyway.

    Today on NPR they claimed that “immigration reform” was necessary so “we know who’s coming and going.” So they are arguing for looser borders and for rewarding border jumpers as some kind of pro-security policy! What Chutzpah!

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