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Muslim Political Logic in Boston

If you ever have a frank discussion with a lapsed Muslim about the nature of Islamic thought when it comes to terrorism, he may let you in on a secret: Islamic terrorism isn’t “political” in the way Westerners understand it. In the western mind, political terrorism is when a target or targets are attacked for some discernible–to both terrorist and victim–military, political or symbolic reason with an END in mind. The Queen will be in the Brighton Hotel? Blow it up to scare the Brits out of Londonderry! State Department waging “immoral and illegal war” in Vietnam? Bomb the State Department and send them a message!

tsarnaev brothers

Looking like Guidos, thinking like Muslims.

The Western Mind, no matter how hard it tries to eat itself, is still propelled by and responds to REASON, though that lamp seems to be flickering and dimming in our present age. This tendency of “a follows b” is true even in matters of violence.

But the threads of interconnectedness are much longer and more tangled in the Middle Eastern mind–and here I’m including Jews.  So much so that, from the outside, it can be absolutely impossible to figure out  what the hell is going on in a desert-dweller’s mind. It can be hard to figure out just why CHECHENS who support independence from RUSSIA might blow up AMERICANS watching a marathon.

Now, before I go any farther, I’ll say I know that the Tsarnaev brothers aren’t Arabs, though being from Kyrgystan would possibly qualify them as desert-dweller-descended. The steppe is almost a desert. They are 2 of the approximately 400 – 1000 Chechens living in our country (meaning that, statistically, they have just made Chechens a very dangerous group of people, although the goddamn liberals are already laying the groundwork for them to be “defiant warriors.“)

Chechens, technically, are a “Caucasian people.” But the Chechens of Asia Minor have been immersed in Islamic morality, ethics and cosmology for so long that I think it’s safe to say that the Islamic mindset is well-entrenched in them. So, I’m not going to argue about that. (SEE ALSO: Pakistan and Afghanistan).

But, for the benefit of those normal, Christian/non-Jew, non-Muslim Americans watching what’s going on in Boston and asking “Why?”, it might be useful to examine the Islamic worldview just a bit in regards to those matters that might be relevant.

1. ‘The Enemy of my Enemy Is My Friend’ (Or, ‘Is of Use’)عدو عدوي صديقي–An old Arabic proverb that could be applied in two ways here. It implies that the “friend of my enemy is also my enemy”. This is applicable in that The United States has, in the last few years, been involved in extensive trade with Russia when it comes to the oil industry, a development that many in the Arab/Muslim world see as a conspiracy to weaken Muslim nations. OPEC nations, especially Saudi Arabia, are known to support Chechen separatists. American efforts to turn away from Arab oil producers back towards Russia and Eastern Europe (and home) has been a double insult to Chechens who hate Russia and want to secede and who depend on Arab/Muslim money to continue that fight.

Muslim Logic: “Boston Marathon is happening in the U.S. and the U.S. has become Russia’s petroleum trade partner. We hate Russia and want Chechen rebels to get some of that oil money. We are angry at you. So, KA-BOOM!”

2. Revenge on Behalf of Fellow Believers and Their “Prophet”–The Book of Exodus 21:24 – 26 says “But if there is serious injury, you are to take life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, burn for burn, wound for wound, bruise for bruise.”

The writers of the Bible seemed to be trying to reel in the racial tendency in that part of the world to seek satisfying revenge and then some.  Western man seems to have “aged out” of this social arrangement over the past 1000 years, but Muslims are very likely to seek revenge without end. Kill a Muslim’s son, and he’ll kill you and your son and your daughter and your dog and your wife. And, if he doesn’t get satisfaction, he may pass the call for vengeance down to his son and grandson and so on forever. And Muslims have such a sensitivity to their “Prophet” being bad-mouthed that they are often inspired or called upon to kill those who do so either directly or by criticizing Islam. Ask Pim Fortuyn and Theo Van Gogh.

Also, Muslims are called upon to avenge each other. It’s one of the understood duties of their faith.

In other words, vengeance is a right, duty and enjoyed activity in the Muslim mind. It is legal and sanctioned and not a sin to them. Also, they are comfortable taking vengeance on behalf of others they don’t personally know against people they don’t personally know.

Not to mention, America exists in a state of political and military slavery to Zionism. No comment necessary there.

Muslim Logic: Americans are hostile to Islam and lead a lifestyle that is blasphemous in Muslim eyes. America has killed Muslims in war and the cultural mores and laws of the country allow people to blaspheme the prophet Muhammad. Not to mention America supporting Zionist Israel, which wants to wipe us out. A bunch of Americans are watching a race and are easy targets. I bet there’s some Jews in the crowd, too.  So, KA-BOOM!”

3. America Has Done Nothing for the Chechen Rebels–The USA has been slow to point out what assholes the Russians have been to the Chechens, and have done next to nothing to support Chechen independence, despite America’s historical support for anti-Soviet activity (SEE ALSO: Afghanistan). The Chechens timed their uprising proper badly from the point of view of American support, as they waited until after the USSR broke apart and after 9/11 and thus guaranteed that we wouldn’t give much of a crap or would be forthrightly hostile to the idea of Muslims doing anything against an established state. But Al-Quaeda was glad to fill that vacuum.

Further reading: How Chechnya Became a Breeding Ground For Terror

Muslim Logic: “America won’t help our people even against their traditional Russian enemy, as they hate Muslims and are controlled by Jews. So, KABOOM!”

So, it looks like we “Islamophobes” who predicted that this bombing was done by foreign-born Muslims were right on that point, at least, even if we got the particulars wrong.

It will be interesting to see how the Left spins this. They seem to be laying low right now. I predict that someone will point out that, because these guys look “White enough” that their being able to pull it off is evidence of mistaken “White privilege” being assigned to them.

By the way, I sure as hell hope this wakes some more White people up. It’s time to close the borders and I hope Whitey starts saying so.


  1. mindweapon says:

    Ann Garrels on NPR was blaming Russia. But if it’s the Russians’ fault, why didn’t the Tsarnaev boys bomb Russian targets?

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