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Boston Police Circulate Suspects’ Photo


UPDATE (3:30pm): The people shown in the picture above have been cleared.

Boston Globe

I know it’s hard to believe, but a crazy White person who loves Jesus and shotguns does not appear to be a suspect. I’m reserving judgment. After all, this might be one of the White Man’s Tricks™.

Seriously, though…there is all kinds of nonsense afoot post-bombing.

First of all, that “Saudi National” that they had in custody is being deported. Weird. Didn’t they say he was just a bystander? Why is getting him back to Saudi Arabia a matter of “national security”? I was led to believe all that stuff they carried out of his apartment was HAM radio supplies.


FBI removes harmless-looking spools of wire from Saudi national’s apartment.

Even stranger is that this development comes immediately on the heels of Secretary of State Swiftboat having a suddenly secret session with the Saudi Foreign Minister Al-Faisal.

Kerry’s people said it was a scheduling problem:

WorldNet Daily Video of Press Conference

Anyway, it isn’t over yet. I would not be surprised if the Holder DOJ can figure out a way to rabbit-hole every Saudi suspect in Boston and find a flat-topped Homegrown Terrorist™ to hold up for the cameras. Then it will just be a matter of finding a new Jack Ruby.

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  1. mesa111 says:

    The 2 perps are Chechen Muslims.

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