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Daily Chain Pull: The Sodomites Upstairs

Read These:

Lesbians Win Case Against Bed and Breakfast

Lesbians Denied a Room Win Case Against Bed and Breakfast

Judge Rules in Favor of Lesbians Suing Hawaiian Bed and Breakfast

Hawaiian Court Rules Bed and Breakfast Must Accommodate Lesbian Couple

Long story short: Christian woman owns a bed and breakfast, runs it out of HER HOME. Lesbians want to stay there. She says: “No, sorry. Against my family’s values.”

Lesbians sue. Lesbians win. This decision will have consequences for Churches.

Another day of rot in America.

Another day of rotten America.


The future embodied.



  1. Looks like a jewess and a darky.

  2. Reblogged this on murderbymedia and commented:
    The mud dikes are coming! To arms!!!

  3. Denny says:

    And they couldn’t go to a dyke-friendly place because????

    These people have really abused their “rights” and the kindness of Xtians and just normal good folks. No, dykes, you’re not ‘equal.’ No signatures on paper can make it so.

    • Well, I really don’t care what lesbians do. Free country. It was forcing themselves legally on a woman who was honest with them that bothered me. And the sneaking suspicion that they would not have pushed it if the woman had been a Muslim. They wanted to punish a White Christian.

      And, of course, the long-term consequences. If St. Vibiano Catholic Church rents its fellowship hall for events, I believe this ruling will make it impossible for such venues to say “We will only rent to events in keeping with our values.”

      This decision will affect Churches that raise money that way. Period.

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