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Ambassador Blog: The “Ethnostate” Is Not Enough

Ambassador Blog: The “Ethnostate” Is Not Enough


“Since I’ve been read­ing sites and blogs of the “Alt-Right sphere,” I’ve repeat­edly been struck by the exces­sive admi­ra­tion some writ­ers and blog­gers show for Asian coun­tries, and Asian peo­ple in gen­eral, what we’ll call Asia­ma­nia.

“This Asia­ma­nia is some­times uncon­vinc­ingly explained by the “high IQ” of East Asians. Some even claim that they, as White advo­cates, can’t be White suprema­cists, since Whites, you know, are “less intel­li­gent” than Asians.

“Besides the fact that it is totally counter-productive in times when Whites have such a bad esteem of them­selves, it is com­pletely wrong, as I have pointed out in any com­ments thread I could: Asians score higher at IQ only in aver­age, which doesn’t tell us much about their cre­ativ­ity rel­a­tively to Whites. If you look at these two com­bi­nated bell curves I’ve been spam­ming every­where I could, you see that Asians are not more intel­li­gent than Whites, but less. Indeed, cul­ture is not dri­ven by the aver­age, but by the supe­rior, and while Whites have an impor­tant pro­por­tion of their pop­u­la­tion that scores higher than 120, the Asians’ pro­por­tion is very low. Hence the lesser cre­ativ­ity of Asians that can be observed in clas­si­cal music, among other telling examples.”


  1. I absolutely agree.
    Also I’ve always found it interesting that even though the Chinese are supposed to be a tad smarter than us they are all just dying to get into our countries.

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  3. mindweapon says:

    Yes, but we should view Asians as a spy views a foreign country; any advantage they have over us, should be viewed as something to be sought out and taken back for Whites.

    For example, I have noticed that Asian grad students of chemistry are much better prepared than White American kids. They actually learn chemistry from very difficult essay questions, to prove they actually understand the concepts, and then do word problems as an afterthought. It sounds like a wussy way to learn chemistry, but apparently if it’s done right it’s quite effective.

    At any rate, Asians dominate grad schools of science right now. You ahve to ask why, and then start working towards reversing that.

    • They have a culture that rewards achievement and also makes failure a DEEP SHAME. You know, like White America used to have.

      I’m not agreeing with Monsieur Bernard totally. I think Asians are obviously intelligent and productive. But it’s been PC hyped.

      • Thanks for the mention.

        I have nothing against Asians (I mean, in their countries), but I find odd that White nationalists use such a bad argument. Not only is it disastrous in terms of self-esteem, it doesn’t even protect those who bring this questionable idea. Look at what happened last year to John Derbyshire, an archetypal Asiamaniac.

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