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Daily Chain Pull: Double Bankshot Gibsmedat: Frivolous Lawsuit by Black Brothers

Read These:

US Airways Race Discrimination Suit: Rules vs. Aggrievement

Lawsuit: Black Passengers Told to Remove Hoodies

Back story:

If you work in the airline industry, you are allowed to give out a limited number of free or reduced cost passes to friends and relatives, including some first class passes. The rules of these passes explicitly state that those travelling while using them must be neat of appearance as the travelers are, in a way, representing the good nature of the airline letting them travel.

So a couple of black guys get some of these passes (called “non-revenue tickets“) from a friend or relative–FIRST CLASS!–and, as they get on, are told by the flight attendants that they have to change clothes, as they were apparently dressed in typical “rap listener” apparel. Shouldn’t be a big deal. After all, USAIR policy PLAINLY states:

Dress Guidelines: Guest pass travelers in Coach or First Class/Envoy may wear casual attire. US Airways asks its employees and their pass riders to exercise good judgment when selecting their travel attire. Clothes should be in good repair, neat, clean, and conservative.

Unacceptable attire in any class includes any clothing that is torn, faded, soiled, wrinkled, cut−off, has ragged edges or holes; clothing with offensive graphics or terminology; and provocative or revealing clothing such as micro/miniskirts, bare midriff, halter, tank, tube or bra tops. 

 Coach Class: Eligible Pass Riders may wear casual attire, including shorts, blue jeans, sandals, and athletic footwear.

First or Envoy Class: Pass travelers may wear casual attire, including blue or black denim attire, skirts, capri-style pants, and sandals, provided it is well−groomed, neat, clean, and conservative. Unacceptable attire in First Class/Envoy includes tee shirts, shorts, jogging suits, athletic gear, baseball−style caps, athletic shoes, beach footwear, flip−flops including Croc−style footwear.

A good guideline to follow is if you have to ask if what you are wearing is appropriate, then it most likely is not and should not be worn if you wish to travel on US Airways as a non-rev.

Summary: you’re flying for free and we say you can’t dress like a slut, bum, thug or douchebag. Seems reasonable to an intelligent human being, right?

Ah. But guess who sees a chance to get yet more “bling” from the airline?



  1. I am sick unto death death of these scumbag negroes. Hopefully this case gets thrown out and they have to reimburse everyone for court costs!

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