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More Hometown Hijinks: The Primate House

Orleans Parish Sheriff: “Criticism is Racism”

So get this:

Waxen-headed Orleans Parish Sheriff Marlin Gusman runs a jail so badly that INMATES used HIDDEN CELL PHONES to record themselves SHOOTING HEROIN,  PLAYING WITH GUNS and SERVING FOOD IN THE TOILET. Look:

And, of course, the press, the dimwit liberal mayor and even the SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER have had something to say about it.

But Gusman, who is black, says of such effrontery (to the grammatically-challenged black paper in town):

“The only way I could explain how someone would question my leadership, my ability, has to be because they have a different agenda. They have to be looking at something different than just the record. And maybe they’re looking at the person who’s there. Maybe they’re looking at… they don’t like the way that person looks. So — maybe that’s what it’s about. I’m not sure.”

Translation: Dat’s RAYCISS!

By the way, dear White reader, a warning. Please hear me:

If you come to New Orleans, please, please, please stay sober enough not to end up doing something so stupid that you end up in the City Jail or Parish Prison (when they reopen it). I can almost guarantee that you won’t be telling your friends back in Kansas about how warm and vibrant they are in there. And they won’t be smiling for the tourists.


  1. What the hell else do you expect from clinically retarded humangutans.
    We’re the bad guys for pointing out his flaws, as always.

    • And it’s weird here. The White people all KNOW the truth, talk about the problem and know what needs to be done. But then, they just shrug and say “Whatcha gonna do?”

      • Amazes me too.
        Whites have been conditioned to just let negroes do as they please.
        Makes me sick.

      • DjangoTango says:

        I’ve never had any desire to go to N.O. and you’re blog strengthens that non-desire. I always had a strangely negative feeling whenever hearing about N.O. I don’t know why, but I always felt like it’s a place I don’t wanna go to, no matter how much people bragged to me about it. I heard the cops are pretty corrupt down there too.
        I mean no offense to you about your hometown and I do appreciate your experience and your series on the ‘lukewarm race war.’

  2. Reblogged this on murderbymedia and commented:
    Mo major monkeyshines…

  3. oogaboogaman says:

    Thank God for the Aryan Brotherhood.

  4. oogaboogaman says:

    This video is good by the way. I think black inmates should be given a daily ration of PCP and homemade knives, and then allowed to go gladiator school on eachother.

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