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How 1960s Lab Bombers Ended Up Teaching Your Kids

How 1960s Lab Bombers Ended Up Teaching Your Kids

Remember Robert Fassnacht.

The kinds of people who killed him are still teaching in our universities.


  1. mindweapon says:

    Amazing. And professor jobs are so cushy and so well paid. Heck, I’d be an outstanding language professor. If the kids were motivated, I could have them proficient in a foreign language in 2 semesters instead of the standard 4. I’m teaching someone Russian right now, 1/2 hour a night, and in a month this guy knows at least as much as a 2nd semester college language student already.

    I think we’re entering a zone of history where there wont’ be so much grease to spread around. Exactly what the liberals fear the most – a world where they can’t just take money at the barrel of a gun and use it to give themselves cushy lives. that’s liberal scum in a nutshell for ya. The biggest stinking hypocrites in human history, and incompetent at everything. They want to tell us how to raise our kids — but look at their kids! I’ve known plenty of liberal families, and their kids are wicked messed up! Liberal parents dont’ push their kids because they don’t push themselves; libs just wanna have fun!

    So they don’t want conservative parents raising kids who will be able to beat their drug addict children. that’s what they fear, that’s why they talk about “children belong to everyone.” In the 1920’s in Russia the Soviet Commies tried abolishing the family and had an epidemic of “wild children.” they quickly returned to bourgeouis family values, when Stalin took over.

    My kid is a floor exercise gymnast, she is fluent in Russian, a track runner, and is in precalculus right now. she’ll be doing calculus and chemistry this fall. She loves being in a mom and dad traditional family, and wishes the same for all children. at her school they promote fag marriage and single momhood and she said something against it, and the girls from single mom households went off on her, and she just laughed at them and said they were living proof of what she said.

    So I;’ve proven, at least to myself, that we got it right and the libscum got it wrong. the libscum try to smirk and say, “oh, your kid will rebel, blah blah blah.” No. it’s the libs kids who rebel, because their parents don’t give them any real boundaries.

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