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Chicago: Grandma Hires Grandson to Kill His Own Grandfather. Grandson Accepts.

Ever see one of those made-for-TV movies about sweet and kindly black folks that portrays a grandchild seeking guidance and wisdom from wizened old grandparents? Usually, of course, because the grandchild’s parents work too hard doing honest labor for long hours to spend much time with him. You know, as dock workers or waitresses or taxi drivers or Hollywood’s favorite: maids for cold-hearted White folks. You know the movie I mean. The one with the racist teacher or grocery store owner who says mean things and does some sneaky cowardly thing that the black family overcomes with iron integrity?

“Grandmama” is often portrayed as an especially loving and kind-hearted old sage out to see that “that chile do the right thang.” She came up in the South, you see, and has lessons about pride and duty and morality to teach little Freddie. You know, like when she marches down and snatches Freddie away from that craps game because “decent folks just doesn’t do that”?

Yeah, me too.  I’ve seen it. About three thousand times in one form or another.

Well, TV and movies are make believe. Sorry.


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  2. DjangoTango says:

    Ha! The ‘tubes’ picture is hilarious! Yo, y’all gotta be fillin’ bad fuh me, I sick!

  3. Wyandotte says:

    TV and movies aren’t always make-believe: There’s a much more famous case, that of socialite Frances Schreuder, daughter of a very rich Mormon businessman. She goaded and bullied her two grandsons to kill her father, i.e., their grandpa, though if I recall right, only the boy who actually pulled the trigger was tried. This was so sensational that two books were written and two TV movies made. Entitled “Nutcracker” by Shana Alexander and “At Mother’s Request” by I don’t remember who.

    Now, I’m just going by memory here, but I recall one of the books, “Nutcracker” starting out with a long Forward by the author wherein, from my viewpoint anyway, it seemed she blasted mormonism as being a uniquely evil, capitalistic manifestation of whiteness.

    • Fascinating, I guess. But, somehow, rich New Yorkers committing patricide for inheritance money lacks the Earthy, third-world flavor of an ugly, old quasi-ape black woman talking her neck-tattooed, gape-mouthed thug grandson into killing grandpap for money for weed and new tennis shoes.

    • And P.S. this will barely make a ripple in the papers, let alone books and TV shows. Know why? Because the “T” in TNB stands for “typical.”

  4. DjangoTango says:

    Did anyone notice the honor student’s T-shirt says “lazy” on it? Dat rayciss!

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