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An Easter Message

Last night I dreamt that a man I know invited me onto his porch so he could tell me about the symbolism of the Gospel. In the dream, I was waiting for someone to come and pick me up, so I told him I was in a hurry.

“Don’t worry. It’s quick.”

Here is the jist of the message given me in my dream:


Jesus, though a Jew, was heavily influenced by the new forms of Hellenistic Western thought reaching Judea through the conveyor belt of the Roman Empire. His ideas were so different from the legalistic and borderline hateful nonsense of the Jews that he might be said to stand for the Western man, spiritually and perhaps even philosophically.

“Look out for your neighbor. Exercise your religion through service to others, and not just your own goofy Tribe. Abandon superstition; don’t hold onto grudges, etc.”

All very un-Jewish sentiments.

The Sanhedrin

The Pharisees and Sadducees are the Jews of the world. Scheming, conniving, angry, spiteful, jealous, bitter. Few in number, but POWERFUL and clever enough to manipulate huge and powerful empires into doing their bidding through political manipulation of the crowd of dolts they whip into a frenzy.

“You see, Pilate, he says he’s King of the Jews and thus, by extension, Judea. We Jews recognize what an outrage this is, as we recognize only Caesar as our King.  You wouldn’t want Caesar to hear you didn’t crack down on that guy, would you?”

The Romans

The Romans are the governments of the world, the states. Trying to keep peace, talking tough, but intimidated by the threats of unrest that don’t really make a whole lot of sense to them.

“Crucify him? For THAT?? Who the hell are these guys? What are they talking about? Can’t we just WHIP him?”

The  ultimate lesson might be that, even when the forces of State and Corruption collude to silence, kill and destroy Western Man’s insistence on Truth, Truth will emerge from the tomb (and womb) to eternally frustrate  the forces of darkness. It’s a message of hope for those of us prone to despair after reading the news.

Ecclesiastes 1:9 tells us there is nothing new under the sun and that human history repeats itself. When it comes to the Jews vs. The West, I think it’s true. Let’s pray for 70 a.d. to get here soon.


  1. mindweapon says:

    We’ll only know when Peak Jew happened in the rearview mirror, just as we’ll only know Peak Oil in the rearview mirror. I put Peak Jew at 2002-2003, during the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. It was all downhill after that.

  2. Jesus was from the tribe of Judah but I doubt he had any kinship with the hook-nosed ones or the Ass kenazis.

    The bible says we will know the people of God by their fruit. Certainly the anti-white porn purveyors and destroyers of everything civilized are not of God.

    The bible called him a Gallilean a number of times. Maybe there is a clue in that.

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