Toiletnation, USA

I heard about the stone getting rolled away this morning. Angels in dazzling clothes. Christ conquering death and sin. Christ the Lord Risen Today, Alleluia.

Not Barack. He’d never insult his own towering intellect that way.

Sword At-The-Ready


CSM-Christian Socialists

Reverend’s Message at Obama’s Easter Service Says The Religious Right want blacks “in the back of the bus,” women “back in the kitchen”, “Gays in the closet” and immigrants “back on their side of the border.”

As we can expect from His Heinous, Barrack The First – after issuing a proclamation that today, Easter Sunday is “Cesar Chavez Day” – he and his brood attend a political rally masquerading as an Easter Service.  A political congregation of Leftists pretending to be a Christian church.  Instead of a sermon about the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the Hope Christians have in it, yet another Obama pastor; the Rev. Dr. Luis Leon – offered an anti-Christian Conservative screed, making outrageous claims that promote the religion of Obama’s class and race-war pushing “Progressives” or as I refer to them:  National Socialists.

From pool reports, not only did the Sermon castigate Religious Conservatives, but it…

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