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The Mom-Friendly Protocols Part Two: More Notes From Last Weekend

If you’ll recall, I told you that this past weekend I had brunch with a friend who spent years in academia deeply engaged in Left-wing and “Progressive” think-tanking and serving on the school’s “diversity task force.”

We had a long conversation about how traditionalists might coax decent and intelligent women out of the rainbow ranks of the Obamanation and get them engaged in creating a healthy, normal and sane society.

The linchpin, keystone, and cornerstone of the family, race and society. The future embodied.

Question: “What have White men done (or not done) that has made it so easy for middle-class White women to hold them in suspicion?”

Notes from her answer:

There are three parts to a rift of this kind: what the more powerful group DOES, what they IGNORE and what they ENCOURAGE.


Actively devalued women and negatively defined them from without  in various ways that insult them and increase resentment. Each definition is related to a sort of “inter-sex culture”:

  • “sex toy” or “pin up”–The culture of attraction
  • muse/obsession–The culture of courting
  • “breeder”–The culture of reproduction
  • “household affairs manager”–The culture of child-rearing
  • personal assistant/maid–The culture of male convenience
  • bitch–Mild animosity
  • cunt–Severe animosity
  • nag–The culture of long-term resentment
  • female voter/pawn–The politicization of fear and resentment

Her Thoughts: “Women have been cornered into politically and socially re-defining themselves in ways reactive to what dismissive men have historically  insisted women are. The Left has won this battle by PAYING LIP SERVICE to women having the freedom to define themselves. In reality, the Feminist Left is hostile to women adopting and being comfortable with traditional roles, as they have a knee-jerk aversion to normalcy. But the Democrats/Left do/does a better job of pretending that they respect women when, in fact, they take them for granted as just another aggrieved class to pad voter rolls and show up at protests.

“The Paleoconservative and Racialist Right has to do a much better job of explaining how social order and tradition benefit women so that the fear-mongering of the Left can’t take hold. You have to reassure women that you are aware of where you have been wrong in relating to them in the past (or at least avoid it in the future) and that your movement isn’t one that is simply out to slam them back into the kitchen and have them pumping out White babies.”


Alienated women by:

  • ignored their intelligence
  1. Leadership potential
  2. Movement-spreading potential
  • ignored their contributions
  1. To family
  2. To history
  3. To the ecomomy
  • Ignored their influence over future generations

HER THOUGHTS: “It’s easy to see how the Left has benefited from the ‘step aside little lady’ mindset of so many on the traditionalist Right. Your movement could benefit from admitting that you need women to help you brainstorm your way out of impending extinction. They need to be recruited for their brainpower and communication ability. It needs to be kept in mind that children, male and female, are acculturated by the mothers, mainly. The Left has had this mindset for 100 years. You’re way behind.”


Have made women feel less secure in their society by encouraging


  • Of War–women fear the pointless death of their children for questionable causes (the Vietnam Effect)
  • Of Backlash–Women and children having to pay for resentments and anger stirred up by men–“One of the reasons women are often pro-welfare program is because they just want to give the problem money so it will stay out of their neighborhoods. Women fear the backlash from just cutting minorities off.”
  • Of Abandonment–Men have made a joke of other men leaving families and marriages to go get the next “piece of tail.” They talk about security and responsibility while allowing serial monogamy to become coded into the male culture.

HER THOUGHTS: “Women have had to fear how the repercussions of the decisions of men both in the home and without would end up being borne by them. Consider who suffered in the South under the Reconstruction Occupation after the Civil War. Women far more than men, as so many of the men were lying dead somewhere. Women want to be safe, and gangs of men getting together to make decisions without input from women have historically–often–meant  misery for women and the children they are supposed to protect.”

Summary: The WN movement and the various information and propaganda outlets (blogs) meant to grow it need to turn a corner in regards to tone and understanding of the audience. AT THE VERY LEAST, the assumption that the audience is all male needs to be laid aside. The wisdom of the macho approach should be reconsidered if the movement is to be more than just angry men shooting targets in the woods.

Once again, for the consideration of my fellow WN and racialist bloggers:

The Mom-Friendly Protocol

1.   Emphasize RESPONSIBILITY—It’s a mother’s duty to defend and protect her children and mothers know it

2   Don’t insult or blame all “women” for the stupidity of the few; be respectful of womanhood as more than just “breeders”

3.  Underscore the unique “victimizability” of White women—What are the facts about White women and minority crime? How will a “mulatto USA” treat White women? Find stories that concentrate on this.

4.   Point out how the Left’s Canon of Ideology will make life worse for them and their children when it is extruded to its  fulfillment. Point out the possible future arc of the trends:

  • White privilege teach-ins
  • Institutional racism teach-ins
  • “Implicit bias”
  • Anti-White law schools
  • Anti-White police training
  • Anti-White jury instructions
  • Anti-White media trends

Are these factually-based? What might all of these mean for little Braeden and Courtney in 25 or 30 years? Will life be better or worse for them?

5.   NO EPITHETS. NO SWEARING. These turn middle-class women off. Be forceful without being uncivil. Incivility will drive women to believe the enemy.

6.    Expose their past exposure. Tell them why they think what they were taught to think in school. Who wrote the curriculum? Tread lightly and be careful.

7.   Expose anti-White bias in media; Women pay closer attention to media than many men

8.   Use facts and examples to discuss what the Left does.

How does it:

  • Excuse and champion perversion?
  • Explain away and make excuses for criminality—especially minority criminality
  • Deny common sense


  1. Tina says:

    That is why I left the Conservative side decades ago: They treated me, as a woman, like garbage. Like total fucking garbage. So I went to the Liberal side. The treatment was better, but I didn’t like what the Liberals were saying. But given the disgusting roles the Conservatives wanted to shove me into, there was NO PLACE for me at the Conservative table. Ooooh, the little men made sure of that.
    I don’t think today’s Conservative men are any better: they date Asians, and have abandoned their women. Oh, they don’t want white women to date black men, but they feel free to keep their Asian poontang.
    White conservative men have done this to themselves and the country.

    • I don’t disagree, but I think there will have to be some sort of reconciliation. I, for one, am glad that so many White women see where the trends are heading and want to regain sanity in the West. I’m sure there are more men like me who want to invite White women to come home (ideology-wise) and hear us collectively say: “We’re sorry for the sorts of abuses that sprang from taking ascendancy and your needing us for granted. Now speak up and help us fix the disorder and disjoint, whatever its cause.”

      The men of the movement don’t need to become more like women. They can remain men. But they need to admit and act like they NEED women to be involved. Because there’s no choice.

      So, consider this an olive branch from me personally.

  2. J says:

    Oh shut up. Things will only change when men come to their senses. Women are merely followers, and targeting them rationally is an utter waste of time. Target the men in their lives, and the men in their lives must correct their awful ways.

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