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Lukewarm Race War: Whitey Survival Guide, Short Version

As per reader request. It was pointed out that my popular multi-part “Whitey Survival Guide” might be too long and wordy for some people looking for quick guidelines. So I offer the following. 

The Rules of Lukewarm Race War, Condensed

Introduction: Be Realistic

Statistics tell us that blacks are far more dangerous than whites. Avoid places where you know they live, congregate, work and seek entertainment in large numbers. Don’t date them, be surrounded by them or remain in places where large numbers of them suddenly show up.

White people have been trained to be nice, polite, patient and careful not to offend minorities. They have also been told to leave their protection to the police. Abandon all such naivete when in public in order to stay safe.

1. Avoid Alone-ness–Try to have an extra set of eyes with you when you go out and consider not living alone if a roommate, significant other or protection dog might be available.

2. Avoid Going to the Situation–Research and know where you don’t belong. Don’t go where you don’t belong. Don’t pass through where you don’t belong. If where you live becomes dangerous, move as soon as possible. Contact your local police department and ask them if the department has a crime mapping protocol and ask to see the crime map or “incident map” for the previous twelve months. This may be available online.

3. Avoid the Situation Coming to You–Research a neighborhood before you move into it. Once you live there, know your neighbors, their habits and their vehicles. Let them know you. Make frequent contact with them. When someone you don’t recognize is in your neighborhood, watch them unabashedly and intently. Photograph them if you don’t want to be seen lingering to watch. Contact the authorities when something is suspicious.

Harden your house with upgraded doors, locks, door bars, alarms, dogs, security cameras, etc. Make it hard to get in to get you. Have a phone and firearm within reach of your bed.

4. Awareness of Surroundings–Don’t be on cell phones in public areas. Don’t have your ears plugged by earbuds blaring music in public areas. Don’t play hand-held video games in public areas. Look behind you frequently, especially when you hear something. Avoid passing by alleys and corners. Have your car doors locked whenever you are in your car. Watch your mirrors and blind spots at long stops. At stops, leave space between you and the car in front of you for a sudden “peel out.”

5. Sobriety Is Safety–Drunks and drug-users are slow, out-of-touch, irrational and gullible. Drug users sometimes have to be in areas where they shouldn’t be to get their dope (see number two above) OR they have to make contact with those who must come to areas where THEY shouldn’t be to deliver dope (see number three above).  Drunks and drug-users are preferred victims. Avoid being either by avoiding being both.

6. Armed Is Better–I suggest you have a functional firearm and the licensing and training to carry it legally and use it effectively. Crimes are often averted simply by the threat of such a weapon or wielding a weapon, but knowing how to actually use one and being psychologically, emotionally and physically ready to use one is essential.

If you are absolutely unable to use a lethal firearm, stun guns and/or incapacitation products like pepper spray and tasers should be considered.

If recent history tells us anything, it’s that blacks and other minorities target Whites on purpose and are especially violent when victimizing them. Keep this in mind and behave accordingly.

Thank you.


  1. mindweapon says:

    White boys need to be raised to be fist fighters so tehy can physically and morally dominate their peers, and not take any shit from the muds, and set an example to White girls taht the muds are actually not more manly than the White boys. White boys have a disadvantage in “integrated” settings because we mature slower and later, so even though we are the same chronological age, we are physically boys fighting the equivalent of grown men. but this can be overcome with fighting training and an attitude of dominance from a young age — something they try to beat out of us. But we still can control and teach our own people, and teach that Dominance is not Evil; being Dominated, being Subordinated, being Conquered, and suffering our women to be taken as booty by disgusting mud races, — that is is what is Truly Evil.

    • Well, possibly. That’s a bit outside the scope of these survival guides, which are meant mostly to help naive, suburban-raised White people wake up to the danger they are in when they are in cities or places where minorities are the majority. These are really an emergency measure more than anything, which is why I keep advertising them in the comments sections of news outlets, especially stories about black-on-white crime.

      I think you may be assuming too much about how popular black brutality is with decent White women who were raised right. Maybe trashy Yankee women like to see black men beat people up, but nobody worth reproducing with does. The reason interracial dating is increasing is because there are more blacks able to ape middle-class mores after being raised in the middle class and more Whites acculturated (Denzel Washington effect) to believe it.

      But self-defense education from a young age is a good idea all around. I agree. Works in Israel.

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