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Women: The Mom-Friendly Protocol

I had a long, interesting talk over brunch with a friend of mine this weekend. She’s an ex-academic with a background in:

  • Post WWI English Literature with an emphasis on Feminist and ‘Queer Theory’
  • American History with a theoretical emphasis on Post-Colonial Women’s History

She now works in the private sector and expresses some regret at her background in “diversity work” and recruitment for her former school in the upper Midwest.

I asked her if she’d help me figure out how a traditionalist movement might appeal to women. My actual question was “How do I write a WN blog without alienating female readers?”

Below are my neatened-up, transcribed notes.


Background: Learn the Difference between lower-case and Upper Case Feminists

Upper case Feminists

1. Grounded in abstract, academic and “intellectual” THEORY. These are ideologues who will deny the reality they see with their own eyes in favor of the “statistical truth.” They have an emotional and intellectual investment in using jargon, speaking aggressively and challenging normalcy.

“It’s the thrill of the insider. It’s a cult.”

2. Are basically Marxists who replace or mix or confuse “class struggle” with “gender struggle.” As a result, they are usually:

  • Anti-male—They see the presence of males in any group environment as possible threat and “pollution” by the patriarchy
  • Anti-Children/Traditional Family—They see children and the traditional family structure of Western cultures as a means of control of women
  • Anti-Religion—They see religion as the spiritualization of male dominance and, simultaneously, see any religion that elevates a female figure as creating an unrealistic ideal for women, punishing them tacitly for their shortcomings; in all cases, religion is control of women by men and to be radically re-worked or rejected
  • Radically Egalitarian—Women and men are THE SAME—not just equal in rights and dignity–save for genitalia
  • Hyersexual/hypergamous OR asexual—Either way, they gravitate toward the ends of the bell curve in terms of sexual behavior; may dabble in homosexual activity. All sexual preferences a socially-visible way to assert POWER

Main Point: The capital-F Feminist is, like most leftists, obsessed with POWER: social power, economic power, political power and evolves the theory and action of Feminism to TAKE power, HOLD power and DENY power to threatening groups.

Her thoughts: “You’re never going to convince these people, anyway. They are part of the Left’s arcade of movements that take for granted that White Men are to blame for everything and that THEY, too, are victims whose only crime is not waking up to that fact sooner. Most of them are White and hold themselves in an intellectual limbo when it comes to “historical guilt.” Don’t ever waste time arguing or discussing or even mentioning these people. Real women don’t care what they think.”


Lower case feminists

  1. Accept the reality of social and family life as developed in the Western world
  • Gender realists–Differentiate between “males” and “chauvinists” and understand that some behaviors are innate to gender
  • Part of a family unit—Married with children; may stay at home by choice or necessity; will choose FAMILY SECURITY over “the market”
  • Churchgoer—Can differentiate between faith and dogma; have a spiritual sense of self separate from the doctrines of the church they attend
  • Reasonably egalitarian—May favor equality of rights, dignity and opportunity for men and women, but do not deny gender differences in abilities, be they mental or physical
  • Sexually apolitical—Accept that sex is not politics unless made one by someone else (clueless Republican rape comments)
  • Self-responsible–Are aware of the special burden they bear in regards to child-rearing and will gravitate towards movements, parties and candidates who GENUINELY address the issues (abortion, post-partum health care, birth control); dislike the way Conservatives ignore these issues while simultaneously discussing “the family”

Main Point: Lower case feminists are concerned with RESPECT and SECURITY. They are largely apolitical and may express hostility  or mixed regard for capital-F Feminists. Feel strong sense of obligation toward offspring. Disliked and distrusted by capital-F Feminists.

Her thoughts: “These women are normal people with common sense. You can reach them. They are very sensitive to social forces which threaten their well-being and those of their families. If you can explain in specific terms how any social force is a threat to their children NOW or in the future, you can make progress with them. Stop allowing the Barack Obamas of the world to sound like they care more about the well-being of White women than you do.  Stop the anti-woman hostility.”


She helped me come up with a blogging protocol so as to stop “bouncing” female readers:

Mom-Friendly Protocol

1.   Emphasize RESPONSIBILITY—It’s a mother’s duty to defend and protect her children and mothers know it

2   Don’t insult or blame all “women” for the stupidity of the few; be respectful of womanhood as more than just “breeders”

3.  Underscore the unique “victimizability” of White women—What are the facts about White women and minority crime? How will a “mulatto USA” treat White women? Find stories that concentrate on this.

4.   Point out how the Left’s Canon of Ideology will make life worse for them and their children when it is extruded to its  fulfillment. Point out the possible future arc of the trends:

  • White privilege teach-ins
  • Institutional racism teach-ins
  • “Implicit bias”
  • Anti-White law schools
  • Anti-White police training
  • Anti-White jury instructions
  • Anti-White media trends

Are these factually-based? What might all of these mean for little Braeden and Courtney in 25 or 30 years? Will life be better or worse for them?

5.   NO EPITHETS. NO SWEARING. These turn middle-class women off. Be forceful without being uncivil. Incivility will drive women to believe the enemy.

6.    Expose their past exposure. Tell them why they think what they were taught to think in school. Who wrote the curriculum? Tread lightly and be careful.

7.   Expose anti-White bias in media; Women pay closer attention to media than many men

8.   Use facts and examples to discuss what the Left does.

How does it:

  • Excuse and champion perversion?
  • Explain away and make excuses for criminality—especially minority criminality
  • Deny common sense


  1. Inki Snowe says:

    Yes, yes and yes! As a target “mom”, I can confirm that everything here is spot on. If more WNs and radical traditionalists had these attitudes – which are, after all, the true northern attitudes – instead of the amusingly UN-European “Ragnar Redbeard” attitude towards the female sex, there would be a lot more sensible women supporting the cause. This really is excellent, and deserves to be spread around and taken to heart.

    • There’s more to come. This occurred to me when I saw a picture of the main room at an American Renaissance meeting. My mind asked: “Where are the women? Do they want to die off?”

      The answer was that they had been LEFT OUT. Possibly on purpose, but I think it’s an accident (and a bad idea to let it continue). Little Johnny is more likely to become PROUD of who he is if MOMMY says it’s okay. And I think mom needs to be recognized, respected and allowed to do some leading.

  2. Tina says:

    Absolutely excellent. I am going to reblog this somewhere. I am a lower-case feminist, appalled at the woman-hating at such sites as Eradica, Mindweapons and Hipster Racist (or Racist Hipster- whatever).

    I know female WNs who have attended Amer. Rennaissance conferences, and the young men there were JERKS to these women.

    So much for solidarity.

    As for the upper-case feminists, these gals are above all, MARXISTS and COLLECTIVISTS, who nowadays, feed the globalist maw.

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