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Race & Money: A Review of “Millions: A Lottery Story”

Just last night, my wife and I watched a documentary we rented from a local place. My wife likes documentaries more than I do, as so many of them are simply left-wing propaganda masquerading as art that I have been kind of turned off to the genre in the last few years. So, I admit, when it started I was kind of a jerk about it.

The documentary, Millions: A Lottery Story (2006), directed by Paul Le Blanc, tells the story of six different lottery winners: four from the central Minnesota town of Holdingford and the other two from New York City. The focus seems to be on the different ways the people handled winning the money and there is a whiff of condescension in the whole work (as most modern, post-Grey Gardens documentaries have) as the winners are all revealed to be a mixture of boring, dull, narrow-minded, gullible, irresponsible and somewhat stupid.

But about 15 minutes into the documentary, there is the faint hint of something else. Even my good-hearted wife picked it up. “I hate to say it,” she said. “But this documentary is like your blog!”

What she meant by that was that the farm-town, Germanic-descended Minnesotans had, by and large, wisely and tightly held onto their money and avoided ostentatious purchases and wasteful nonsense. The money they had spent was on basic upgrades and community improvement. They had given some to the local church, 4-H, the public schools. Hell! Eleven of sixteen winners (who won a grand total of about 450 million dollars) hadn’t stopped working as school cafeteria ladies. They came in the Monday after they won, in fact, according to the principal. One family continued to raise its own meat!

Contrast that with the financial fates of the two New York winners, one a Jew (Lou Eisenberg) and the other black (Curtis Sharp). After winning $5 million each in the early 80s (about $14 million in 2011 dollars), they were each flat broke by the mid-1990s, having spent the money on houses in Florida, paintings (of themselves), divorces, travel, flashy cars and other stereotypical “nigger-rich” wastefulness. The Jew seemed to love gambling and continued to do so even after having lost everything.

The only difference in circumstances between the New York winners and the Minnesota winners was geography and ethnicity.

Now, to be fair, the dull Minnesotans showed a marked lack of imagination with the money. I mean, come on, you lugs! Buy your mama a new house! Build a rent house or two, maybe! But overall, all of the Minnesotans seemed to have an understanding that their huge windfalls weren’t INFINITE and they were not big spenders just because they had the money.

Something else occurred to me as I watched. I have heretofore been operating with a mindset of extreme pessimism when it comes to the future of White people in America. Doesn’t it seem at times that Whitey is simply doomed to beta-wimp-skinny-jeans-avoid-eye-contact-never-fight-back his/her way into the grave of genetic history? But watching this unintentional contrast piece on the ability of Peoples to handle resources made me realize that no matter WHAT the Eternal Guests of the West try to do to re-engineer society, people of Northern European descent have a (probably genetic) instinct to hold onto resources and share them locally, which, in a low resource, high-conflict environment is an advantage all by itself. “A country boy can survive,” as Hank Jr. says. So maybe the future isn’t such a wash for Whitey, should Things Fall Apart.

The Jew, on the other hand, has an innate instinct for ostentation and power-seeking…witness the Jewish lottery winner recount his history of frittering away his money getting into events at  venues full of celebrities who politely tolerate his presence. And the black winner? Well, does anything really need to be said? Empty-headed investment scams and–no joke–bailing his kids and nephews out of jail seemed to eat up a lot of his money. Not to mention his “100 bowler hats” that he bragged about having once owned.

Don’t get me wrong; none of those featured in the film seemed UNLIKABLE. One prolonged scene showed the black winner preaching in prison in his new home state of Tennessee (he is an ordained minister) and, admittedly, seeming to make a positive difference. The Jewish guy admits what a schmuck he is. And the Minnesotans are so salt of the earth that it’s impossible not to like them.

But the filmmaker’s attempt at snark–I think he wanted to show the tight-fisted Minnesotans as “wasting” the windfall by living as though it wasn’t a big deal and the New York winners as irresponsible lunkheads living in semi-denial after losing it all–exposes instead what racialists already know. It will never be a level playing field no matter how much money you have government give, take or move around.


  1. I’ve never been interested in gambling and I really don’t get the whole thing. And yes, if I ever came into a lot of money I’d just hang onto it unless it was enough where it could substantially help our struggle!

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    Yep. Sounds about right to me!

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