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Glossary of Political Correctness, Volume One

Affirmative Action–Giving preferential treatment to INDIGENOUS AMERICANS, TEENS, LATINOS, WOMYN, MUSLIMS, LGBT people and IMMIGRANTS in the interest of JUSTICE. Meant to undo WHITE PRIVILEGE.

Africa–Cradle of civilization; place where the alphabet, astronomy, tennis, boiled eggs, toothpicks, masturbation, the harpsichord and the game of charades originated. Oh! And the stoplight.

Afrocentrism–A perfectly valid and correct view of world history, you CRACKER motherfucker.


Anti-Racist–Anti-White; someone out to deliver JUSTICE.

Anti-Semite–A person criticizing ZIONISM.

Black on Black Crime–Tragedy caused by WHITE FLIGHT.

Black on White Crime–Exaggerated RACIST myth. Happens far, far, far, far, far less than reported.

Bully–White male.

Bullying–White male being mean to WOMYN, LGBT people and minorities. As opposed to being mean to heterosexual, White males, which is settling the score.

Christian–Hateful idiot who wants to keep LGBT people from marrying.

Colonialism–When RACISTS arrive in a VIBRANT country and bring HATE.

Confederate Flag–Symbol of HATE.

Conservative–RACIST CHRISTIAN BULLY who spreads HATE and is against TOLERANCE and DIVERSITY. Often secretly LGBT.

Cracker–Harmless epithet used against RACISTS by OPPRESSED UNIDENTIFIED YOUTHS.

Cross–Symbol of HATE.

Diversity–Ah! Good! Yes. Mmmmm.

Founding Father–Slave owner who gave Indigenous Americans smallpox and raped their housekeepers every minute of every day without rest.

Gender–Whatever I say it is. If you disagree, you are a bully.

Gun Owner–Mass murderer in training and/or CONSERVATIVE RACIST.

Hate–What White Christians do.

Hate Crime–White person causing injury to any non-White. Happens far, far, far, far, far more often than reported.

Heterosexual–Secretly homosexual but in denial and  repressed. The more he or she insists he or she is heterosexual, the more homosexual he or she actually is. SEE ALSO: CHRISTIAN.

Immigration–Good and healthy injection of DIVERSITY into AMERICA, making it more VIBRANT.

Indigenous American–Victim of RACISM and COLONIALISM.

Injustice–The default setting of society as long as Whites are the majority of the power-holders.

Jew, Jewish–Eternal scapegoat, especially of RACISTS and CHRISTIANS. Often possessed of incredible genius, insight and spiritual depth. Hatred of JEWS is indicative of irrationality and mental illness.

Justice–Anything that knocks White males back and pushes non-Whites and females ahead. Anything that might conceivably do the opposite is INJUSTICE, no matter what.

Latino–Hard-working, VIBRANT person dripping in DIVERSITY.

LGBT–Normal. Not repressed. Playful, experimental, honest, creative, fun and VIBRANT!

Marriage–Whatever I say it is. If you disagree, you are a bully.

Muslim–Important element in DIVERSITY and TOLERANCE. What do you mean, they’re against gay marriage, too? Watch out or I’ll call BULLYING!

Nigger–Soul-destroying, pride-crushing thermonuclear insult used by RACISTS. Must never be allowed to be uttered. A legitimate excuse for violence and perhaps even murder against a RACIST.


Race–A myth; a social construct. A meaningless collection of ideas about one’s ethnic and class identity based on skin color. Unless one is anything other than White, that is, in which case race is how one identifies those who should advance to the front of the line for university admission, government jobs and promotions. In the interest of JUSTICE, that is.

Racism–Being White.

Racist–White person.

Rape–What White men do to minority women every chance they get; invented by the FOUNDING FATHERS.

Slavery–The reason TEENS and UNIDENTIFIED YOUTHS do poorly on tests and go to prison so often. If you disagree, you are a RACIST.

Teen–Black person, often found in groups.

Tolerance–Pretending that people of other races and backgrounds are intelligent and welcome and certainly not annoying or smelly.

Unidentified Youth–Black person, often found in groups.

Vibrant–Adjective used to describe areas and neighborhoods full of DIVERSITY and TOLERANCE. One will often find UNIDENTIFIED YOUTHS, TEENS and LATINOS living in a VIBRANT area.

White Flight–The phenomenon of RACISTS moving out of VIBRANT areas.

White Privilege–A true and not-to-be-denied magic power RACISTS have that makes them more successful than UNIDENTIFIED YOUTHS, LATINOS and INDIGENOUS AMERICANS. The one and only allowable exception to the definition of RACE (see above).

Womyn–The TEEN and UNIDENTIFIED YOUTH of the world.

Zionism–The good, true and rightful expression of JEWISH political identity in international affairs.


  1. I think you have everything there!

  2. Reblogged this on murderbymedia and commented:
    Please make a note of this for later reference.

  3. Nice list but actually lefties hate Israel as much as you, for slightly different reasons, and would love to see it go away.

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