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Daily Chain Pull: Overconsumption, Capitalism and Culture

Read this:

Yahoo: Fast Food Restaurants Have Secret, Disgusting “Huge Food” Menus

Anyone who remembers reading my Google-repressed “Opening Eye” blog remembers that I am not pro-Capitalism. Capitalism is simply Communism’s abusive father, in my opinion, helpless to stop itself from encouraging the growth of anti-National movements like Globalism and other loony regional Free Trade arrangements. These encourage (and often FUND) international movement of labor-sellers (immigration) and that alone destroys nations and races to say nothing of the wars and conflict it causes. Witness the U.S.’ “immigration crisis.” Capitalists–especially Jews like Thomas Friedman– insist that part of the crisis is that we don’t let more of The Brown Cloud stay(!)

It’s pretty obvious that the big-business Capitalists are as guilty as the kiss-ass liberals..

And even before the Mestizo influx contributes to the national collapse, the microscopic spiritual damage done in the meantime is what bothers me most. Suppose that tomorrow there were an economic collapse and, suddenly (and gleefully) it appeared the system was going to break apart and that our coast-to-coast behemoth of a “nation” was going to de-centralize and downsize. Would you really want to have people in your general area who had gotten used to eating this:


I wouldn’t. Such a lifestyle addiction is dreadfully destructive of the spirit and will, to say nothing of the body.

People all over the political spectrum agree on this, which I suspect means that the abhorrence of gluttony–remember when that word was used more than once every two years?–is not only culturally universal, but politically universal. Except, of course, with hardcore Capitalists of any stripe, who I suspect would make poor kinsmen in a pinch at any rate.

Another thought: do you really think all these Marxist lemmings would be majoring in “gender studies” and “women’s history” and “equality and diversity studies” unless there was so much more than “enough” (even if paid for on credit) of everything to go around? I doubt it.

Lenin said: “The Capitalist will sell you the rope you hang him with.” And the state of the American university (take a look at the average class catalog) supports his theory. This is the third generation in a row in which the kids have nothing but time to spend in “Jim Crow and Gender” class while mom and dad work to pay for their indoctrination at State U.

So, the “Crisis of Capitalism” is more than just falling profits and unplanned…ANYTHING; it’s more than just markets and economics. The crisis of capitalism is also intellectual and cultural. I’m not smart enough to figure out which is the chicken and which is the egg.

Some good reading:

College Education Not Worth What It Used to Be

Gluttony, Arrogance, Greed and Apathy by P.J. Cafaro

Frankenstein Economics is Killing Capitalism

Turkish Economist Nouriel Roubini Speaks Plainly (In Bad English, But Correct Information)

Bubbles That Will Kill Capitalism

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