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Daily Chain Pull: Blowing My Own Horn

A few days ago I posted a blog entry about how the Tribe-controlled media looks and digs as hard as possible to put an anti-White spin on every story it can.

Then, today, I was browsing CNN–it’s good to keep aware of what they are shoving in the country’s face as priority news–when I came across a gem of Tribe/Yankee bias:

Are Victims Falling Through America’s Hate Crime Gaps? (byline=Bronstein)

Here are some great quotes from that piece:


In another hit and run, 41-year-old African-American Garrick Burdette was found dead along a Panola County road in November 2009.

His mother, Ruby Burdette, says for three years she had heard nothing about any police investigation into her son’s death until CNN began asking about the case.

CNN received no response after calling the Panola County Sheriff’s department, but just hours after CNN’s call, a sheriff’s investigator drove to Ruby Burdette’s house.

“He came in and said he was the investigator,” she told CNN. “He told me he apologized for no one coming out before now. And he told me that the first investigators they had didn’t do anything.”

If police suspect Burdette’s death was a hate crime, they’re not saying. And even if Burdette’s death turns out to be a hate crime, there’s a chance it won’t even be reported.

“The data sucks,” said Heidi Beirich of the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks the issue. “Hate crime data as the FBI reports is underreported by an ungodly amount.”

In 2005, 2006 and 2007 there were zero hate crime incidents reported in the state of Mississippi, according to the FBI.

“States like California have thousands of hate crimes, and the state of Mississippi with its record of racial animus has none?” said Beirich. “It’s ridiculous.”‘


Let’s just parse this for a second.

First, the assumption that a hit and run victim found on a shell road somewhere in Mississippi must necessarily be a victim of a racial hate crime is so embarrassingly and stereotypically Jewsmedia thinking that I’m embarrassed for CNN for putting it in writing. I’ve lived in Mississippi. It’s poorly lit at night and animals are EVERYWHERE. Hell, you’d be lucky to find a damn speed limit sign anywhere in some of those counties north of I-20.

Then there’s the idea, spoken by Tribeswoman Beirich, that Mississippi MUST be full of hate crimes because of its “history of animus.” This assumes anti-Anybody but Whitey crimes, I’m sure. Mississippi used to segregate schools and burn crosses! Surely a black man must be beaten up by gangs of White men SOMEWHERE in the state occasionally?

Well, as readers on the Race-Conscious Right know, hate crimes ARE underreported. This is mostly because of the assumption–of equal stupidity to the assumptions made by CNN in this case–that White victims aren’t chosen by black criminals merely because of their race. We know this isn’t true. Heck! Remember Reginald Denny? I do.

Anyway, I called it, didn’t I? In my blog post titled “Journalism 101: The Mainstream Media Writes Headlines” I wrote this:

Case 5

A drunk driver, a 52-year-old white man from Mississippi, falls asleep at the wheel and plows into a pickup truck carrying a black man and his girlfriend. The drunk man, when he wakes, tries to excuse his recklessness by saying he had trouble seeing due to the darkness.

Wrong: Drunk Driver Kills Woman, Refuses Responsibility

Right: White Killer of Black Woman Cites “Darkness” In Heinous Act

Editorial: Made in Mississippi: White Man Kills Black Woman

Life imitates blog in Toiletnation, USA. By the way, drivers. As one commenter under the story says: be extra careful when you drive through the ghetto. In Toiletnation, USA, the Diversity jumping out in front of your car might cause you to hit him, and that might just turn you into a HATE CRIMINAL.



  1. Man, that Reginald Denny business really burned me up when I saw it. Everybody watching that on TV should have then woken up the how savage those hominids are.
    Also I like how the media tried to make that negro who went out and got him after the fact into some kind of hero. Ha. The day I see a negro actually put his precious life or limbs in danger to help anyone, even another negro will be a very remarkable day indeed.

  2. Reblogged this on murderbymedia and commented:
    Typical media B.S.

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