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New Blog To Watch: The Ambassador

Blogs on the race-centered Right can sometimes be a bit on…middle-brow..side. Not that that’s bad. But if you’re looking for content with a more intellectual and perhaps even internationalist flavor, I suggest you get in on the ground floor of the blog of French political/cultural/racial realist Roman Bernard, who I found out about through Alternative Right.

His blog, The Ambassador: Journal of a Wandering Westerner, gives a bit of perspective on some of the same issues American White Nationalists care about and discuss.

Monsieur Bernard was interviewed by AltRight contributor Alexander Forrest and gave some brilliantly calm (almost dispassionate) and CORRECT answers to some meaty questions. To wit:


Forrest: [In Academia], empirical evidence is ignored when it does not correspond with the expectations of ideology. Or, as is often the case when it comes to multiculturalists, evidence of inequality is expediently rationalized as proof of intolerance or unfairness—both of which mandate the expansion of government intervening powers.I’m curious though…did you ever attempt to change the minds of your fellow graduate students or at least offer them bread crumbs?

Bernard: I did my best to write as a heretic under censorship by subtly pointing out the contradictions inherent in contemporary liberalism. For instance, one day I interviewed a self-employed Moroccan construction worker whose company was subsidized by every level of government, from the city council to the European Union. My classmates were of the mindset that this was a fair reparation owed to a non-white living in a racist society who had, no doubt, suffered discrimination since childhood. However, my classmates did not know how to respond when I pointed out that this racial debt owed to the Moroccan was being paid by poor taxpayers.

Forrest: You forced them to see there is a hierarchy of victims…and that the liberal priesthood has ordained racial minorities to be of higher status than the underclass.

Bernard: Precisely. And it is revealing that my cohorts did not offer up the solution that we should simply tax the rich. As we contrarians know all too well, the idea of “white privilege” gives liberals a pretext for abandoning poor white folks. [A very good point that is easy to overlook. use this as a comeback to White Privilege hokum.–Futura]

Forrest: So did pointing out contradictions like this ever work? Did it provoke your contemporaries to question the PC orthodoxy?

Bernard: Sometimes. But it didn’t really matter to me. The more contradictions I encountered, and the more my life experience conflicted with the idealism of the ivory towers—the greater my need became to speak my own mind freely without PC inhibitions. To do otherwise would have reduced me to an omega gelding. My peers ultimately began to view me as a kind of crypto-fascist, but at least they knew I was not going to lie to them. Indeed, some of my classmates even began to value my opinion when they wanted to hear something sincere. Becoming a pariah was thus liberating for me and enabled me to command the respect of those willing to listen.


  1. When a friend sent me the link and I saw “blog to watch” I thought it was an SPLC report… I’m glad that bridges are being built between Europeans on the Web. It preludes to more consequential things.

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