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Daily Chain Pull: An Email I Just Got

This was in my inbox a few minutes ago:

“Our daughter, Coy, is a beautiful, happy, friendly, 6-year-old girl. But her school is treating her differently from the other kids — just because she happens to be transgender. [“She” is a male.–Futura]

“We have five kids, and Coy is one of three triplets. When she was little, we used to dress her like her brother, but that made her really unhappy. She would be excited to go to the playground, but when we laid out boys’ clothes for her, she would get sad and ask if she could stay home.

“When Coy was 4, she told us something was wrong with her body. She asked us when she could go the doctor to become a girl. We took her to a psychologist, who said that Coy is transgender and we should support her and let her be who she is. As soon as we let Coy grow her hair out and wear girls’ clothes, it was like someone turned on a light. She was happy all the time.

“Coy’s school, Eagleside Elementary, was initially supportive, too — until this past December, when they abruptly told us Coy couldn’t use the girls’ bathroom anymore. Now we need your support. [Once again, this is a MALE.–Futura]

“We started a petition on to ask the school to stop discriminating against our daughter. Will you click here to sign it?

“When Coy started at Eagleside last September, her teachers and classmates accepted her for who she was. They referred to her using female pronouns, and she used the girls’ bathroom for months with no problems. Then, all of a sudden, the principal told us Coy would have to use the boys’ room, the staff bathroom for adults, or the bathroom for sick children in the nurse’s office. Our daughter is not a boy(!!!!), she’s not an adult, and she’s not sick. 

“Our state, Colorado, is one of 16 states where it’s illegal for public schools to discriminate against kids like Coy. Eagleside had an opportunity to teach kids to celebrate each other’s differences, but instead they set our daughter up for harassment and bullying. Coy doesn’t understand why she can’t be treated the same as all the other little girls.

“We are grateful to have the support of LGBT advocates, thanks to the work of Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund (TLDEF) and GLAAD. We also know that lots of other schools have done the right thing for LGBT students (such as allowing Gay-Straight Alliances) after being petitioned to do so on We hope that if enough people sign our petition, Eagleside Elementary will comply with the law and treat our daughter with equality and respect.

“Click here to sign our petition demanding that Eagleside Elementary allow our daughter, Coy, to use the girls’ bathroom.

“Thank you,

“Kathryn and Jeremy Mathis
Fountain, Colorado”



  1. My GOD!! What kind of mailing lists are you on??! LOL!
    What a bunch of stupid, talmudic nonsense.
    Maybe an appropriate response would be to just email them a picture of your ass? 😀

  2. Reblogged this on murderbymedia and commented:
    It is simply beyond belief much of what is going on out there!

  3. T says:

    I feel sorry for the little ‘girl’. But we can’t let one child embarrass and humiliate the rest. I know the child is not doing that on purpose, but the other children should not be made to go through this. Maybe the parents, instead of making the whole world miserable, should sit the kid down, and say ‘this is our special secret, you’re a girl, but at school you can ‘pretend’ to be a boy and use the boys’ restroom. When you come home, you can be a girl again.

    I don’t see any other way to be fair about it.

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