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Daily Chain Pull (A Two-Flusher): Sex Education in Toiletnation

Part One

Tired of reading Blake, learning the principles of thermodynamics, dissecting bivalves and debating the existence of The Knowable Good in your college classes? Well, have I got some education for you:

Sex Week at the University of Tennessee: Student Fees and Student Sleaze

This story is absolutely PACKED with quotes that are so flushable that each deserves its own flush:


“In addition to a campus-wide scavenger hunt for a golden condom, the university is hosting noted lesbian bondage expert and erotica author Sinclair Sexsmith. The story was first reported by Campus Reform.”



[A student organizer] said university officials were overwhelmingly supportive of Sex Week – which includes a sex talent show and drag show.

“We went to our administrators and they approved it immediately,” she said. “We have excellent faculty advisors.”(!!!)


Part Two

And speaking of faculty advisors:


Houston Principal (Black) Has Sex With Student In Office…At the PROM

CBS’ Take on the Story


“Officials at Spring High School, it seems, had long been suspicious of assistant principal Mark Steve West’s closed-door meetings with female students.”


One told investigators she saw “female students exit [West’s] door with their hair and clothing disheveled, and the female students would be smiling and laughing,” court documents say.




  1. Reblogged this on murderbymedia and commented:
    Damn. These vile yids have transformed what used to be our most respectable and esteemed halls of higher learning into degenerate cesspools of semitic perversion! “COME ON IN! THE WATER’S FINE!!”

  2. mindweapon says:

    Thanks for the new graphic at the top! It gets the point across without the ick factor.

    Love the “ker-flush” effect too, and the “daily chain pull.” So pitch perfect!

    • Thanks. Weird coincidence. I have a comment for your blog, too…

    • mindweapon says:

      Rolling and Toilet,

      I think we have a very good trio here. We should definitely reblog each other frequently. Reblogging is good because it drives traffic to the original blog, and yet leverages all of our readers.

      We are definitely on the same page here, even within the great WN movement. It’s all about attacking, undermining, and destroying the credibility of the YKW/Leftists. The old Frankfurst school people had the term “criticize society to death,” which is what they did.

      But now it’s our turn to do the same to them, and our criticism is far more searing than theirs was. They were basically cowards picking on naive, child like but decent people. We are not cowards, and we’re not just deriding the Leftists — we hate them with a passion. This is really teh beginning of a religious war, like the 30 years war or the 100 years war. leftism is a yechhy, scummy religion, and liberals are a religious caste of freaks, frauds and scum. they will scramble like roaches as we shine the light of enriched uranium nuclear hate on them.

      • Fine. If people can stand my pedantry and flip responses, I’ll work with them. Anyway, I only reblog what I agree with and I agree with your blogs frequently, so I just re-blog on general principles.

        As a dissident academic stuck in academia–which means I KNOW they know better than to believe what they say–I don’t see it as a religion. All this “we’re all exactly alike” and “I’d be a genius if you hadn’t called me a spook” crap is an affectation that became an identity. The Left is like a compulsive liar pretending she’s pregnant. She knows that eventually the ruse will be found out, so she has to say it LOUDER and LOUDER until she can figure out a way to either steal a baby or fake a miscarriage.

        But, yes. Let’s work together all we can.

        And I’m not sure they’re worthy of hatred, by the way. Contempt, yes. But hatred tends to make people irrational and blow a threat out of proportion to the point that they make mistakes. I fancy myself a heckler who’s funnier and smarter than the comedian on stage–because he keeps letting me see his material before the show. I like to mock ’em to pieces.

  3. mindweapon says:

    Mr. Nation,

    I HATE them with a nuclear hate because of the damage they do. But I get what you are saying.

    Wow, you’re a professor? Cool!

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