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Chicago Tribune Accidentally Prints Something Logical

Chicago Tribune Accidentally Prints Something Logical

by Victor Davis Hanson of the Hoover Institution (where a vestige of common sense remains in academia)


“In an increasingly multiracial society, it has grown hard to determine the racial ancestry of millions of minorities. Is someone who is ostensibly one-half Native American or African-American classified as a minority eligible for special consideration in hiring or college admission, while someone one-quarter or one-eighth is not?”


“Are the children of President Barack Obama or Attorney General Eric Holder more in need of help than the offspring of first-generation immigrants from the Punjab or Cambodia? If non-white ancestry no longer offers an accurate assessment of ongoing discrimination, is affirmative action justified by a legacy of historical bias or contemporary ethnic underrepresentation?”


“Will the children of multimillionaire Tiger Woods — or of Jay-Z and Beyonce’ — qualify for special consideration on the theory that statistical underrepresentation in some fields or racial pedigrees will make their lives more challenging than the lives of poor white children in rural Pennsylvania or first-generation Arab-Americans in Dearborn, Mich.?”


“Like Prohibition, affirmative action and then diversity were originally noble efforts that were doomed — largely by their own illiberal contradictions of using present and future racial discrimination to atone for past racial discrimination.

“It is well past time to move on and to see people as just people.”


And the clock starts…NOW..on how long until someone comes along to declare that “dis article be rayciss.”

It’s a fun question, though. In the America of the future, can you imagine the squabbling that will go on between the 1/4 black grandchild seeker of Academic Gibsmedat Affirmative Action versus the self-professed 1/8 Navajo, 1/8 Vietnamese seeker? Heck, it will be worth keeping a pure bloodline just so that the melee will have spectators objective enough to enjoy the political carnage!

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