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Black Teen Mobs: Does It Take an Act of Congress?

T’s Drivers Feel Especially Vulnerable After Attack

(Original Title: “After Mob Attack, Bus Drivers Feel Vulnerable”)


Saturday, March 9th


“The latest assault, by more than a dozen teenagers at a bus stop on Columbia Road early Saturday, prompted a strongly worded statement by the president of the Boston Carmen’s Union Local 589 calling on the Legislature to act quickly on a proposed bill that would crack down on people who attack MBTA and other transit workers.”


The attack began around 1 a.m. after a Number 16 bus, which generally has eight to 10 people at that hour, began making its way from Forest Hills to Andrew Square.

One of the “youths” arrested so far. Albert Galloway, 18.

The driver stopped at ­Columbia Road in Dorchester, near Geneva Avenue, and he and a female passenger exchanged words over her fare. She threw her paper Charlie Ticket at him, T police said.

“Within minutes, 15 to 20 teenagers standing outside swarmed in front of the bus, preventing it from moving. Some stormed inside and began punching, kicking, and taunting the driver, who struggled to defend himself, said T police.

“Some threw objects at the bus and tried to pull the driver through a window. The driver activated emergency lights and an alarm to signal that the bus was in trouble. As police ­arrived, the teenagers scattered, leaving a shaken driver with minor injuries.

“We still do not know what occurred to have triggered this act,’’ O’Connor said. “There was some talk with the female with the fare dispute, but as of right now we have not been able to find any nexus between her and the group. And we are still continuing to identify witnesses to determine facts and circumstances of the case.”


Comment: But you know black violence is out of control when LABOR UNIONS and the MASSACHUSETTS LEGISLATURE feel they have to do something about it.

By the way, this has happened before.

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