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Lukewarm Race War Series: Whitey Survival Guide, Part Six (Social Life)


Life Is Not A Beer Commercial–Alcohol-serving venues and large numbers of blacks don’t mix well. The only thing more dangerous than a sober black is one who has had enough drinks to further heighten his aggression and lower his inhibitions. Even more dangerous than that is one that is drinking in a location where there are enough women wearing provocative clothing to further excite his hormones. Avoid places where blacks congregate and CERTAINLY avoid places where they congregate and drink. A rule of thumb for nightclub or event safety is to size up the crowd. If more than one out of five faces is black, leave. Women: AVOID INTOXICATION AND ALWAYS KEEP YOUR DRINK VISIBLE AND/OR COVERED. Don’t allow yourself to be surrounded or isolated by blacks.

As someone with hundreds of Mardi Gras parades under his belt I can tell you that crowds of drunks of any color are bad news. But a crowd of drunken blacks is a gang rape or tourist-stomping waiting to happen. Look around…are YOU the tourist?

Life Is Not A Reality Show–Dating nonwhites is dangerous. Research shows that interracial relationships are far more likely to result in violence and murder, especially when the male is black and the woman is White. Minorities, especially blacks, are also far more likely to have sexually transmitted diseases. (Nice Whites call it ‘disproportionate impact’).

If you need an exotic accessory to get attention, wear a sari or carry a khukri.

Life Is Not an Obama CommercialDon’t think that because you vote for the minority candidate or have an Obama t-shirt on that you’ll be given a pass by the hoodie-headed  thug in the parking garage. You won’t. He’ll use that t-shirt to wipe his cock after he’s done raping you and then he’ll probably strangle you with it. No matter what Little Timmy Wise tells his audiences, the idea that political activity can give blacks and Whites the sort of political solidarity needed to overcome the intense hatred of Whites that fuels the Lukewarm Race War is ridiculous and has been proven wrong time after time. If Reconstruction proved anything, it’s that blacks and Whites can only work together–and then only nominally so–when punishing the kinds of Whites who dare defy their experimental social order. Politics can’t save Whites in the long run; if you feel you must get involved in politics, think locally. You can do your fellow Whites more good as a city council person or state representative/assemblyman.


In today’s world, White Survival can be boiled down to a few points:

1. Know where nonwhites–especially blacks–are and avoid areas where nonwhites live and congregate. Know where you belong and where they belong. Do all you can to make sure people stay where they belong, especially you and yours.

2. Be armed. Get your CCW and have accessible and safely stored firearms in your home.

3. Secure your surroundings and home. Other works by more qualified people have been written on this.

4. Resist efforts to further empower White-haters.

Thank you.

P.S. Take those goddamn earbuds OUT of your ears. They mark you as a victim not paying attention to his/her surroundings.



  1. SS says:

    Thanks for the info! You are right on the mark with this!

  2. Ryu says:

    This was a good series. I read it very quickly. Thanks!

  3. Bill Harzia says:

    “P.S. Take those goddamn earbuds OUT of your ears. They mark you as a victim not paying attention to his/her surroundings.”

    I am getting sick and tired of almost running over people (of ALL races) who step off the curb in front of my truck without even looking, because they’re mesmerized by their goddamned cell phones. A lot of times they don’t look up, even when I blow the horn at them from less than three feet away.

    • CPM says:

      I too am sick and seeing tired of these idiots walking around with one of their senses out of commission due to earbuds being stuck in them. When I cross a street my head is on a swivel.

      Reminds me of an article I read years ago about a 30 something year old man on a business trip who decided to take a jog on the nearby beach. Out jogging with music blasting in his ears from his iPod, he couldn’t hear the warning screams from other beach goers who noticed a small airplane barreling down on him from behind. The plane hit him, killing him instantly.

  4. CPM says:

    Good to see such pertinent advice in writing, however this is all stuff I learned in the 1960’s in my teens. I learned very early to avoid packs of feral beasts and that learning has served me well. It’s almost unbelievable that whites need to be educated on the danger of knee grows.

    • Well, they are being purposely MIS-EDUCATED in school and by the media. This is my feeble attempt to undo some of the brainwashing.

      • CPM says:

        Not a feeble attempt in my opinion. A very sincere, intelligent effort to educate naive people on keeping safe in the current USA.

        Keep up the great work. The humans in America need you.

  5. rogerunited says:

    I had not read this, apparently, I like the “carry a khukri” suggestion.

    On a related note, here is a self defense site that I find fascinating.

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