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Lukewarm Race War Series: Whitey Survival Guide, Part Five (The Media Versus Common Sense)

Life is Not Professional Sports or the Army–Liberal or naive Whites often protest that Whites and blacks can get along fine. Just look at sports teams and the military! This a dangerous fallacy. There  are social  and behavioral shackles that blacks are put in in the military and in sports: immediate, non-judicial discipline, the use of physical punishment and a “fast track” to military prison or loss of fortune are not found in everyday, civilian life. If they were, works like this one would not be necessary. If every neighborhood had a sergeant or NCO or head coach assigned to punish those who break the general social contract of decency, our society would not be in the state it is in.  In situations where blacks are tightly controlled and closely watched, they can function well among whites–the military and professional sports actually prove a race realist’s point in this regard. But in  post Jim Crow America, blacks are quite literally OUT of control. So, don’t allow sports or the military to color your judgment. There is no company commander to discipline the thug hiding in the stairwell. Also, another point: black behavior still regularly pokes its brutal head out in the military even with all the discipline and supervision.

Life Is Not A March on Selma–I often wonder how many White victims of black violence went to their graves trying to “discuss issues” with their victimizers. In academia, Whites can be perversely lulled into believing that, because they have learned and forced themselves to accept claptrap like “institutional racism”, “White privilege”, “driving while black”, “false consciousness” and various other Marxism-inspired pseudoknowledge that they will be magically protected from black outbursts and violence. This is not true. American history has enough examples of White do-gooders being killed in the midst of their altruism. It is unwise to believe that “ghetto passes” exist or that any effort by Whites will lessen black feelings of hostility. If you value your safety at all, do not go where you don’t belong, even to serve soup. If you are intelligent at all, you know where you don’t belong. If you don’t know where you don’t belong, go back to the beginning and read this again.

Life Is Not Mayberry–In case you don’t know, Mayberry was the town “The Andy Griffith Show” was set in. In it, no one was a criminal, except for Otis the lovable drunk, and people didn’t lock their doors. The police department had keys to all the businesses downtown. Those days are over. Door bars, motion-activated lights, burglar alarms, window breakage sensors, barking dogs and home defense shotguns are all worthwhile products. Have a phone in your bedroom. Be within seconds of a firearm from any area of congregation in the house.

This advice all applies even–and especially–if you live in a Whitopia or White enclave. Home invaders often pick areas where crime has heretofore been low so as to increase the element of surprise. Try not to give this element away.

Even if you’re out on the street and away from home–even if you’re three feet away–keep your car doors locked. When driving, stash your purse UNDER your seat. UNDER. And keep your windows up. Negro criminality knows no bounds.

 Life is Not an Insurance Commercial–Whoever writes insurance commercials LOVES to show the competent, smiling black offering friendly help to frustrated or confused Whites. Contrary  to popular belief, blacks are overrepresented in white collar crime, as well, according to the FBI. Try to avoid giving identity or credit card information to non-White employees of any concern. They are, statistically, more likely to misuse your information for illegal purposes. If the customer service operator on the line sounds black, hang up and try again. Ask to speak to a supervisor.

And in case you ain’t too swift, NEVER give credit card information to a telemarketer who calls you first, no matter what they sound like.

Life Is Not An Insurance Commercial, Part Two–If you are ever in an automobile accident–especially if you are bumped from behind–and your car is NOT disabled, do not stop or get out until you are in a well-lit, well-populated area. If you are in a minority-majority area and do not see a place that you feel safe pulling over, keep moving until you find a place that looks safe. Dial 911 as you drive, tell the operator what happened and give the address or location you are stopping. STAY IN YOUR CAR until police arrive on the scene. If police are slow to arrive (give them ten minutes) offer the other driver your name, insurance information and cell phone number–carrying “accident cards” that you can slip through a crack in your window is a good idea–to the other driver and proceed on.

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