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Lukewarm Race War Series: Whitey Survival Guide, Part Four (More Facts of Life)

Continued from Part Three

Life is Not “Death Wish”–If you carry a weapon–and you should–you cannot be the aggressor in any situation. Whenever possible, you should find a way to go about your business  that will keep you from putting yourself in a situation where you must be among people you may be forced to shoot. Carrying a weapon does not mean one should have more swagger or be more of a “tough guy” or even be more “fearless.”  If you avoid the ghetto when you are unarmed, continue to avoid it when you are armed.

However, if you MUST go into unsafe areas–the Office of Motor Vehicles in just about any town in any state tends to be in a rough neighborhood–be READY AND AWARE. Have your weapon loaded, cleaned, properly lubricated and readily accessible. Go during the day. Avoid walking through crowds. Leave no valuables in your car. Dress down. Maybe skip a shave or makeup. Avoid flashing wads of cash. In sum: don’t go looking for nails just because you have a hammer. Don’t go looking for trouble.

Life Is Not  NickelodeonThat black “youth” out on the sidewalks of your neighborhood at 2 am is not probably not harmless.  The harmless black kids are home in bed because their decent, caring parents have seen to it. Don’t fall into the trap of your well-manicured White Guilt making you question your judgment or “gut feelings.” Those feelings are part of the suite of natural weapons you have to keep you and your family safe. In other words, don’t talk yourself out of your “racism.” Know what the people in your neighborhood look like. Know their habits. Start a neighborhood watch. If someone is in your neighborhood who doesn’t belong there–especially if your neighborhood is mostly white and the stranger in question is not–report the person. Take a picture or video. Let him know he has been seen.

        If you are like most Naive White People, especially if you are under 35 and from the upper Midwest, you have been steadily brainwashed with the idea that everything you just read in the previous paragraph is simply terrible. That poor kid is just lost. That poor kid might be homeless! That poor kid might have just gotten kicked out of his house! Fine. Believe that if you want. But if that’s the case, you are doing him a favor by calling the police immediately. Assume he’s a runaway. The police will see to it that he gets home or gets help. If you take video of him and he’s healthy and then police–those tyrants of the streets–hurt him, you’ll have evidence of their misconduct.

       At no point, however, should you approach a strange black. If you insist on being a good Samaritan, don’t get within about 30 feet of him unless you are armed. You might yell out “Are you okay? Should I call police?” and then do so no matter what the answer is, but you aren’t a social worker and that isn’t one of Fat Albert’s gang you’re talking to.

A common ploy is for a black to pretend he is injured or needs help for his child or is having mechanical trouble with a car so that you’ll get within arm’s reach. Don’t approach. Call 911. Keep your guard up at all times. Keep the door closed. Keep your distance.

Once again, all of these tips are pretty race-neutral, but I don’t believe you’re unwise to heighten your caution when blacks are involved.

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  1. 1389AD says:

    I would also suggest not going to such neighborhoods alone.

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