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Lukewarm Race War Series: Whitey Survival Guide, Part Two

Part Two
The Psychology of The Domesticated, Middle-Class White

The other half of the asymmetrical FRC victimization equation is the psychology of the typical victim. I’ll try to keep this section as short as possible, which is one of my overall missions in writing this.

I’ll start by saying that, as many on the left insist, White people are privileged. By this I mean that they have the “privilege” to grow up usually safely assuming that people who look like them:

  • Will provide for them in regards to the “family contract” (housing, food, supervision)
  • Won’t behave violently towards them aside from occasional spankings, possibly
  • Won’t appear and disappear in varying states of intoxication
  • Will provide the services and goods they advertise without bold deception
  • Won’t behave in loud, boisterous, provocative and obnoxious ways

Once again, this is the NORM. We’ve all read A Child Called ‘It’ and we know Whites can be daughter-raping drunks. But I’m generalizing like mad here.

As a result of the relative social security of White society, Whites get in the “habit” of trusting. They talk to strangers. They roll down their windows when strangers approach. They answer honestly when asked where they live. They open the front door when strangers knock. In sum, Whites have low levels of racial “in-group” suspicion, on average.

At the same time, White people are targeted from preschool onwards to be aware of  the racial and social sensitivities of minorities, especially blacks. Blacks are also presented in the media in a manner wholly inconsistent with what statistics tell us about them. I call this the “Denzel Washington Effect.” Blacks are quite deliberately portrayed as being less criminal, less violent and more intelligent than they truly are, ON AVERAGE. As a result, they are increasingly granted honorary and troubling “in-group” status by Whites, often to deadly effect. You can be sure that black criminals use the “polite” acculturation of the White middle class to their benefit.

Also, middle-class Whites assume that authority figures, especially in the public safety sector, will respond to their needs and protect them effectively. New Orleans natives snicker at times when tourists learn the hard way that not all police are polite, tow-headed farm boys.

Another important consideration is that Whites don’t generally settle disputes with interpersonal violence past the age of about 15 and are thus untrained to spot the clues that precede it and, often, will say after they have been assaulted that they simply can’t believe that another adult hit them. White females are even less likely to be “violence-literate” than White males. But blacks grow up in a culture in which sneak assaults, fights, mob violence and other forms of violence are not a surprise and, in fact, are entertainment. World Star Hip Hop is an example of this. Outside of high school football, wrestling tournaments or karate class, White people don’t generally behave this way and don’t generally perform well in the situations in which others do.

In summary, Whites are generally:

  • Trusting
  • Socialized to be careful of the feelings of minorities
  • Not interpersonally violent
  • Seeking to “talk it out” or “be reasonable”
  • Deferential towards authority figures
  • From backgrounds in which they been well cared for

In other words, sitting ducks.

If two groups were ever less suited for peaceable coexistence, it is the descendants of European settlers and the descendants of African slaves.

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  1. mindweapon says:

    I think Whites can learn to not be sitting ducks. The main thing, and this is my Unified Field Theory of White Nationalism, is proper child raising.

    Cut out public schools and television (television especially), and raise them to have a functioning brain. Our biggest problem is literally growing up with malfunctioning brains, as a result of television.

    Television breaks childrens’ brains, especially the cartoons. Children’s cartoons are supposedly “so innocent.” No they are not. It’s like giving kids marlboros and budweisers for breakfast, or massive amounts of high fructose corn syrup, which breaks their bodies.

    Children should be homeschooled in or near major metro areas so they can get the best martial arts/gymnastics/music/dance/art training, which would be narrowed down dependent on talents and interests, and foreign language and math/science training.

    The martial arts so they can defend themselves against NAMs and be alpha White kids, the arts so they know the world of the liberal and the Jew, and because classical and folk arts like Hungarian folk music makes life worth living and it’s one of those things only a few people in the world are able to do, the math/science as practical knowledge and moral development, and foreign languages so they can thrive in Babylon and make money like the Rothschilds.

    Weaponized multilingualism was something the Rothschilds specialized in, and it made them better able to take over European banking. We can definitely do weaponized multilingualism as well, with the goal of being bridges (middlemen) between the various ethnicities.

    In other words, we’re going after Jew niches. Jews are becoming complacent; they’d rather be Seinfeld than Einstein nowadays.

    We go on the offense on the Jews where they think they are safe — business and finance. We do it as a Tribe, the way they do it. We use our riches to build up our White Tribe and change the laws to suit us, the way the Rothschilds did. THe Rothschilds started being activists for Jewish emancipation in the grandkids generation after the founder, Meyer Amschel.

    Long story short, Meyer Amschel traded coins with the Elector of Hesse-Kassel (Hesse of the Hessians of the US war of indepdnence, he owned the mercenary Hessian troops). The Elector had to flee Germany when Napoleon invaded, and he couldn’t take his gold coins because he was afraid he’d get robbed on the way. This was a big problem for finance back then, and the Rothschilds used checks (promises) among each other to get around this, because they were brothers they trusted each other.

    So the Elector hid his fortune with Meyer Amschel, and Meyer Amschel sent his 5 sons to the 5 capitals of Europe — Paris, London, Vienna, Naples,and the youngest stayed in Frankfurt. Nathan in London was the oldest and the most aggressive and made a huge fortune by loaning money for the Napoleonic war to the British government. Herries, the finance minister, was his “horse” inside the British government that gave Nathan Rothschild the contract over Baring (a Christian banker).

    The Rothschilds became “Court Jews” but with way more power than the middle ages. The aristos and kings were always borrowing money from them, indebted to them, and the Rothschilds knew better waht the aristos and kings were doing and planning, than the aristos themselves. The Rothschilds were a spy network as much as a banker network. Thus Europe was overthrown from within.

    All this stuff is possible to do. You just have to raise kids with the minds to do it — they have to be smart and educated and multlingual and versed in the arts, math/science et cetera, and they’ll take naturally to the heights of social, econonomic and political power.

    We can literally raise a generation of mindweapons. The rest of society is so dysfunctional because of children’s cartoons cripping their brains.

    The Jews themselves subject tehir own children to TV cartoons. If we don’t, we can beat them just because of that.

  2. mjbrin says:

    I didn’t get anything of importance from this opinion piece. I am white and live in a black neighborhood, have been here for 35 years. Times have changed a lot. I grew up in the white agricultural country and the white teenage males with guns and “God” on their side were just as scary as the black teenage males on drugs here. I have discovered in my older age that it is mostly teenagers of all groups who are easiest to manipulate by anyone. Those who want to be in power (gangs or government) target those who are least educated. I feel this piece is an example of just that.

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