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Lukewarm Race War Series: Whitey Survival Guide, Part Three (The Facts of Life)

The Facts of Life–One of Ten

In order to survive the Browning down and Toiletization of Amerca, White people must keep in mind the following facts of street life:


Life Is Not A Kung-Fu Movie—Anyone who has been through basic training in the military is often shocked at what they learn about themselves and individual members of The Brown Cloud over the course of the 13 weeks. When it comes time for hand to hand combat training, white men are often shocked that the mythical physical superiority of the black man is, for the most part, just that: mythical. Watch the barbaric UFC-type sports and it quickly becomes clear that when that sort of mindless, violent physical combat is one-to-one, white men do just fine, if they don’t dominate outright. The shocked reaction many black-worshipers had to the glass jaw of Kimbo Slice illustrated this well.


Blacks, especially black males, many being well-practiced thugs by the time they reach 16 years old (and not being as stupid as many race realists and racists wish they were) know this, which is why they are careful to attack in pairs and groups and from hidden angles and when the victims don’t expect it. On the street, they don’t DO “combat” unless they so outnumber, outweigh or outsize their opponents that they are guaranteed to “win.” They are also likely to strike suddenly when such a violent escalation is not appropriate (sucker punch). Once again, they are NOT stupid, even if they are violent.

Which brings me to my point: White people, when in “Diversity” situations, must abandon the “Badass White Boy” mindset. In an “escape” situation, a zookeeper knows better than to try to do physical combat with a pack of hyenas or chimpanzees and does not feel his manhood lessened for it. When things go wrong in the monkey house, the zookeeper gets away as safely as he can, recruits help and then comes back to do whatever must be done.

THAT is how civilized people think and behave in the face of Brown Cloud chaos. Civilized people don’t lower themselves. They lower the other guy….into his grave. So, don’t feel that you are somehow less “manly” for:

Once again, for your safety, think of blacks as zoo escapees. If there were crocodiles loose on the streets in a part of your town, you wouldn’t go there or, if you did, you’d carry something sufficient for dispatching one that thought of you as a meal.

I want to be clear: this isn’t to say that martial arts self-defense training isn’t useful. Learn to defend yourself when unarmed, by all means. I’m saying that “stand up” FIGHTING on the terms of the slave-descendant is always a losing equation. They don’t fight unless they are guaranteed to “win.” Anyone who recommends or who is a proponent of White people “stepping up” and dealing with blacks “in terms they can understand” is wrong. The key is to always allow the street thug–whatever his color– to be the SOLE instigator and escalator of violence until it comes time to shoot him cold dead.

George Zimmerman, though he has somehow become a symbol of “standing up to thuggery” is, in fact, going through what an intelligent FRC fighter would have avoided through strategy and tactical considerations. Something to think about. Don’t kick any anthills out there. Be polite, be patient, be aware, be wise and have excellent aim.

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  1. mindweapon says:

    Great article, though I don’t think it’s fair to second guess George Zimmerman. The only thing I’d have done different than Zim is carry non-lethal weapons such as pepper spray instead of a gun, and if you’re going to be a neighborhood watch guy in Florida, you better be able to handle yourself in hand to hand mortal combat. see Christophe Clugston.

    • ho says:

      “Watch the barbaric UFC-type sports and it quickly becomes clear that when that sort of mindless, violent physical combat is one-to-one”

      It’s MMA you dipshit.

      Seriously, I hate these faggots. Just because your testes haven’t descendet yet doesn’t mean the same is true for others.

      Besides, the average MMA fight has more strategy that you feeble brain is even capable of.

  2. George says:

    Your words are clearly what most folks think. Even Hispanics think this way against blacks. Hispanics can not and wont tolerate an urban black , they keep their daughters away and use the same hate and gang slang to keep them away. Im talking here about your average hispanic from a working class home. Lower social classes are definately low brows no matter what race. Texas is number one for hispanic / white marriages and Texas white girls dont mix unless your from a working class or above average income.

  3. SWF says:

    Thanks for this series. Pretty fair and racially realistic.

    I notice that no one wants to deal with whites who work in self defense and are fair with the offenders or enemy. Only extremists are focused on in media and by brainwashed Americans. Obviously part of the propaganda machine.

    Ive been forced to exist around American ghetto blacks intermittently for 42 years. Your assessments are dead on and i am proud of your including a sensitivity towards blacks without making yourself their victim or a tool of the Liberal elitists to further our racial genocide. Too many whites are totally ignorant, naive, misinformed and without experience(s) to assess these issues realistically.
    Those whites and traitors like Wiggers are most dangerous of all. Why our own people insist on going out on the side of genocide is beyond me. Its a self sacrificing or self destructive subconscious mechanism the powers that be are working on in people qnd unfortunately its effective.
    Thanks for greeting the new century head on and being in the minority who know what its about.

    • Not all Black people are dumb, evil or lazy. I have never thought nor ever said so. But the good and decent ones are socially shamed into excusing the evil ones, and this makes it harder to find the good and makes the bad ones look like the “only” ones.

      I had a black music teacher as a child. A brilliant, gentle, gentlemanly man. Educated. You know what he said was New Orleans’ biggest problem? “Sorry-assed Niggers.”

  4. SWF says:

    Fair and realistic. Most people dont want to deal with someone who makes sense, only extremists are focused on in media. The powers that be are working on a subconscious self sacrifice or self destruction urge in people of European descent-and its working.
    Ive been forced to live among ghetto born African Americans intermittently for 42 years and your asessments are dead on.
    Everyone shud know Divide And Conquer is a tool of the powers that be but if a certain people cannot liberate themselves from their historical position as house slaves to the ruling elite then those seeking truth and freedom must keep a defense against those who would be utilized against us, even though they themselves are being victimized.
    Its too late to save blacks from themselves or the elitist NWO agenda. There’s no time for games or social experiments anymore but only to call em as you see em and defend yourself accordingly.

  5. anonymous says:

    Some survival thoughts.
    1. Remember some of Bruce Lee’s street fight guidelines: your goal is to disable an opponent from as far a distance as possible and then run a safe distance. Don’t let testosterone displace neurons. Wear steel toe shoes whenever possible, comfortable models are available; kick to the knee or shin, never allow a street grappler to catch your leg. Use fists, elbows, and body mass effectively, but don’t jeopardize your legs unless the knee is used to the groin only. Your legs are your ticket to safety–just like a deer. Consider the Straight-Edge lifestyle: no alcohol, tobacco, or drugs; wild animals do not let themselves become willing prey to predators. Carry a farm implement in your car trunk or pickup cab. Sling blades, shovels, rakes, etc. can be very lethal and law enforcement will have a very difficult time with ticketing you for keeping “garden tools” in the truck. PRACTICE your self defense moves with other enlightened folks.
    The self defense response must be instinctual not calculated.
    I’ll let you do more research. Remember: we are in a war. In the military, we practiced killing skills daily. It can be a supplement to your workout routine. And also, as a Christian Orthodox believer, self defense is not forbidden by our Patriarchs. St. Alexander Nevsky said: “Those barbarians who live by their swords shall die by the Holy Sword of God”. Jesus rebuked St. Peter for using his sword at an inappropriate time, but did not tell him he shouldn’t have had one. In fact, he encouraged his disciples to buy a few swords for self defense. Stand strong and always ready, my Brothers and Sisters.

  6. Brandon says:

    Good three part series. Well done.

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