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Lukewarm Race War Series: Whitey Survival Guide, Part One

As promised.

Short Version For Those In A Hurry.


Because I am aware of my own limited experience, this  short “manual “ is going to focus on White survival techniques mainly in relation to American blacks of slave-descent origin. I don’t know enough about all the various little infestations of particular minorities in the U.S. to write a section on surviving Hispanics, Hmong, Somalis, etc. My life experience has been dealing with the especially virulent strain of hybridized blacks that inhabit the dangerous parts of the City of New Orleans and some surrounding areas. However, I think much of the information I’m going to share is going to be general enough that a clever person might apply it to any urban/suburban setting with a sizable criminal minority element.

Let me say also, having lived in areas of the country where minorities are rare, that I am well aware of the existence of criminal and vicious White Trash. I do not pretend they don’t exist  or give them a pass. A person sufficiently clued in to his surroundings should be able to apply the information in this short work to those situations as well.

Pass this along to any naive White liberals you may know.

Part One

The Psychology of the Slave-Descendant Street Thug

Before we start, let us discuss “the enemy.” Statistically speaking, the one type of person most likely to commit violent acts in our society is the inner city, poor, black male, aged 16-34. The black male’s violent “criminal lifespan,” should he survive  or remain free that long, is about 20 years. In this 20 year time period, he will be more likely than any individual member of any other ethnic or racial group to commit the following offenses:

  • Armed robbery
  • Murder
  • Rape
  • Carjacking
  • Aggravated assault
  • “Multiple offender” assault (Flash mobbing or “Jumping”)

Further Reading: Flash Mob Survival

I will use the term “Force Response Crimes” or FRC to cover all of these offenses, as they all warrant a force response from an intended victim. For the sake of clarity and brevity, I won’t discuss lethal versus non-lethal force. At all times, I’m going to have in mind the use of a firearm. In other words, these are crimes for which the perpetrator deserves to be shot while committing the acts.

For years, sociologists, psychologists and criminologists have tried to explain why it is that black males 16-34 are so likely to act out violently in just about any society that will host them. There have been many theories, none of them satisfactory on their own. After years of reading about and observing criminal black behavior, I operate from the following combinative theory:

1. Blacks are, compared to Whites and Asians, cognitively limited and, on average, more intellectually primitive than other races.

2. Blacks are  hormonally overdeveloped, producing  more endogenous testosterone at earlier ages and producing high amounts longer into adulthood.

3. Blacks are frustrated with the glaring difference between their ability and what they are taught to expect to accomplish; this frustration is exacerbated by the apparent accomplishments of members of other racial groups. They are taught that the conspiratorial activities of White people cause their failure.

4. Blacks have personality disorders and background experiences that make their being criminal and violent more likely.

In short, black males are, ON AVERAGE, overdosed on testosterone and dysfunction and “underdosed” on intellectual processing power. As a result, modern life in a socially contractual, cooperation-based society is often overwhelmingly difficult for blacks. Add to this the magnification of the blame-driven “oppression narrative” in popular culture and academia since the early 1990s, and the rising rate of black-on-white crime makes perfect sense.

To be fair, blacks victimize EACH OTHER at rates far above their victimization of Whites, and that, too, is a sad fact. Not every black person in the ghetto is a gang member selling crack; blacks as a population have an innate proclivity to produce a certain percentage of  genius just like every other group. It is often the case that the “no-account” ghetto dweller is the cause of the untimely demise of the decent, God-fearing black student who actually has the potential to elevate himself. This guide, however, assumes that the problems the reader may have with individual blacks are not being caused by the black members of the high school math club.

But I digress.

So what are the combined effects of having higher testosterone levels and lower IQs?

Well, testosterone by itself makes people:

  • impulsive–they act on a momentary whim and act before higher processes of thought can stop them
  • aggressive–they act violently and interpret the actions of others as threatening; they are likely to escalate a minor incident
  • sexualized–testosterone makes people feel strong sexual urges and increases the likelihood that someone interprets a situation as having sexual undertones
  • emotionally fragile and labile–they “freak out” suddenly and don’t calm down easily

Testosterone levels explains why men of all races are more likely than women  to commit violent crimes and end up in jail.

There are many theories as to why blacks have higher testosterone levels than whites, as some studies show, or why their brains are more sensitive to normal amounts of testosterone, as other studies show. Whatever the reason, the behavioral results are apparent.

Combined with this hormonal disadvantage is the mental processing disadvantage of the slave-descended American black. Intelligence tests have consistently shown since World War One that blacks have lower IQs than whites. Many racists overstate what this means, implying that blacks are, on average, insufficiently intelligent to care for themselves and their families. This isn’t true; an IQ of 90 by itself does not make one appear terribly stupid. However, the effects of  those missing 10 or 15 IQ points are seen in areas such as:

  • Long-term planning–People with IQs in the 85 to 90 range very often  fail to make plans. Overspending and financial difficulties are common in the IQ-deficient.
  • Consistency–Low IQ people have trouble sticking to a routine; they are often late or can’t reproduce acceptable results.
  • Thinking through a situation–Low IQ people cannot see in their mind’s eye how action X on Tuesday leads to result Y on Thursday.

Once again, this does not mean that a low-IQ person is unable to have insight or even flashes of genius. Savants exist. But OVERALL, people with lower IQs have more difficulty staying out of trouble of all kinds.

Finally, blacks are more likely to have the sorts of personalities and backgrounds that lead to their doing things like assault and murder and rape. Blacks, having been raised by other blacks, are more likely to have been abused, sexually assaulted, neglected and impoverished, resulting in undeveloped consciences and anger. Once again, as many “antisocial” personality types find relief from internal tension by  finding scapegoats for dysfunctional feelings, anti-White sentiments in media are readily picked up. Christopher Dorner is a good example of this.

Think of it this way: if I told you that you probably have a neighborhood in your town full of people who are slightly retarded and on steroids (many illegally armed) and that they are being taught in their special classes that YOU are a member of the group that is making sure they fail, you would avoid that neighborhood. Well, it’s ugly, but that describes the slave-descended black street thug: a slightly retarded man on steroids who is angry at White people for his failures.

In summary, slave -descended blacks are:

  • Less intelligent (but NOT stupid)
  • More emotional
  • Socialized to disrespect and to resist White people, when possible
  • More apt to behave violently
  • More impulsive
  • Less able to forecast the consequences of their actions
  • Difficult to “reason” with
  • Angry at and/or not fond of Whites
  • More likely to be psychopathic

That is the “enemy” you must keep in mind.

Go to Part Two


  1. Ryu says:

    I second MW. This is excellent work. You might be the first WN I know from NO.

  2. Jeffrey Hardin says:

    Really great essay, Touche’ TN…
    Something you will never hear about are the Whites who were forcibly integregated into all black schools and beaten and some killed, I was one of them that had to fight everyday just to survive, 3 long years of it…
    Nor will you see blacks celebrating the Whites who fought for black civil rights that had actually started well before the 1800s; you just will not have them crediting whites for the betterment of their lives or for that matter rescuing them out of slavery, which by the way is another highly sensationalized epic lie that many Southern Whites are being made to suffer to this day for.
    I appreciate the follow and will surely love the visits here, great job, this will be painfully learned for many…

  3. Patricia White says:

    I hope you and all that agree with you choke to death, but first after watching your loved ones die first…and I am white. I have never had sex with a white man and I never will. All three of my lovers are black men.

    • Thanks for dropping by! In true leftist fashion, you wish death on those you disagree with. Thanks for confirming “stereotypes.”

      • Bill Harzia says:

        The nice thing about her is, by her choice of lovers she has also chosen her own executioner. At least no White will have to go to prison for taking out the trash.

    • Boo says:

      Dating a black man is like having a pit bull for a pet. It’s not a matter of if, but when, he’s gonna turn on you. You weren’t raised right and you are a disgrace to our race.

      • “Dating a black man is like having a pit bull for a pet.”

        Well, at least you are allowed to – and in some cases may be ordered to – have the dog put down. Besides, you can sell or neuter the dog. So no, it’s not very much “like”.

    • skank alert says:

      Skank alert, all 3 of her lovers, 1 in the mouth, 1 in the ass and 1 in the pussy, my you must feel proud.

      No go turn some tricks so you can go pay the rent, and your boys can buy those grills they like so much.

      Betchya no white man has wanted you, that’s why you go with apes, who copulate with anything even corpses

  4. George says:

    Thanks for this excellent article! This is probably the best assessment of blacks, their nature and the threat they pose to White people (as well as the “why” as regards their threatening nature) and how to prepare for it that I have read anywhere. Additionally, it is timely and useful information for those young White people who are sufficiently trusting of their own senses to have rejected the PC indoctrination they received in school that tells them that “race doesn’t exist” or that it is “just a social construct”. These are the people who can make use of this information- the others will simply become victims unless some near fatal brush with “the brown cloud” (I love that phrase) raises their awareness of the danger surrounding them.
    As an adjunct to your article may I suggest this one:
    which I believe is also valuable for young Whites to read? It is information that I would love to have been able to read when I was a teen- it would have saved me much in the way of pain in finding out the truths therein by experience, but as in all things perhaps, experience is the best teacher.
    Also regarding your article, I found the links very informative, especially the one regarding the “21 foot rule” in police/criminal encounters. Also, you might be interested to know that many of the links to YouTube videos in your article that show blacks in a “bad light” have predictably, been deleted by YouTube. Thanks once again- I come back to read your blog just about every day.

    • Well, I got lucky. I grew up in a “Chocolate City” and saw first-hand what White flight does. St. Bernard Parish (where all the Germans and Irish and Italians ran off to) is pretty nice, like New Orleans was back before I was born…The (African) Lower Ninth Ward was like Beirut even before Katrina. So what most liberals learn the hard way, I have seen all my life. Then I was lucky to go off to grad school in a Whitopia up “Where it Snows and No Negroes Go.”

      Let me tell you: it was like another PLANET. So nobody can convince me that demography isn’t destiny. It is. When Whites ran NOLA, it was like Paris. Once Ol’ Moon Landrieu went down and the Dutch Morial MauMau started…downhill it went.

      Now, as for the broken links…I’ll work on that later tonight. Thanks. And thanks for reading. Tell a (White) friend.

  5. Not Niggerbama says:

    This is a fabulous and helpful article.

  6. johnny boy says:

    Great and true article. I agree with the analysis except this point “blacks as a population have an innate proclivity to produce a certain percentage of genius just like every other group.” There is not and has never been a black genius in any field whatsoever.

    • As a New Orleanian, I have to disagree. I have seen black musicians with NO training whatsoever play a song better after hearing it once. My piano teacher as a child was black, a master chess player, and a gentleman. But guess what? He never had a nice thing to say about “them little niggers” running around the city.

      So I’m realistic, but I don’t exaggerate. I try to be fair.

      One more thing: black genius thrives under White rule and dies under black self-rule, just like everything else.

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