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Sticks, Stones…and Bullets: “Name -Calling” as Extenuating Circumstance in Attempted Murder

Wisconsin is a state brimming with white, liberal pussies, if you’ll pardon my crude language. If you’ll recall, it’s the home of the “white privilege” advertisements up in the Duluth-Superior area a couple years back and, of course, the home of The University of Wisconsin System, world renowned for producing the kinds of liberals who blow things up and kill people.

Just a bit south of there, it seems a viable excuse for gunning people down is…can you guess? Right! Racism!

WEAU: Shooter Claims Whitey Got Shot for Saying “The N Word”

Eau Claire Leader Telegram: Racism May Have Sparked Bar Shooting

My favorite quote: “A witness in the tavern before the shooting said Craig took issue with a T-shirt one of the patrons was wearing. “He took exception with the word ‘spade’ that was written on his T-shirt,” Officer John McIntyre said.”

Well, let me call a spade a spade, here. The subtext in both of those stories is that mere INSULTING WORDS can explain why someone would approach another bar patron, accost him about what’s written on his shirt and then, after a scuffle, fire a weapon into a crowd of people. The apologetic tone of the journalists is absolutely amazing.

Imagine for a moment that a black bar patron had a shirt on like this:


And some white guy said: “Hey, that isn’t funny.”

And the black guy said: “Fuck you, you cracker motherfucker.” And, subsequently, the white guy shot the black guy after a fistfight.

Would anyone buy the argument that the bullet that killed or wounded the black guy was in ANY way related to the word “cracker”?

In Toiletnation, USA, it would be the white guy’s fault for presuming to be offended at an anti-White image, and certainly for deigning to say anything to a poor, oppressed minority. And, as the Trayvon Martin case underlines, it would certainly be his fault for having any sort of physical confrontation with the black guy that resulted in injury to anyone but the mean ol’ racist white guy.

The only sort of white-black confrontation that the media hesitates to pass any sort of judgment on looks like this:

Oh Well.


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