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Intercontinental Chain Pull: The UK’s Immigration Double Standard

The Daily Express: How Romanian Criminals Terrorise Our Streets

The Telegraph: 50,000 Romanians and Bulgarians ‘Will Arrive in UK Every Year’

The Telegraph: British Government to Romanians and Bulgarians: “Don’t Come Here, It’s Not Very Nice”

So, in the UK, the press and government are stirring up hysteria about the influx of Romanians and Bulgarians into the country once a non-migration treaty expires in 2014. It seems suspicious that the country that downplays this:


as just the work of a few hundred “criminals”–take a good look at the crowd–would feel so panicky about an influx of White Christians from elsewhere in the EU. Especially in light of news like this:

White Britons the Minority in London for the First Time

White Britons are Now a Minority in Leicester, Luton and Slough (and Birmingham is the Next to Go)

Funny. Two Birminghams, two countries, both browned-down. For my British readers, I’m referring to Birmingham, Alabama.

Anyway, I’m not going to insult the reader’s intelligence by pointing out exactly what this means or portends. I suspect, however, that if “50,000–70,000” Somalis were gearing up to land in London next year, the British Prime Minister would be dancing a grim and suicidal/genocidal jig over the arrival of more diversity.

It seems so blatant the way the British press are playing up the imminent threat of this “invasion” of Romanians and Bulgarians while playing DOWN the criminality of Blacks and Muslim immigrants.

For the record, here are some Bulgarians:


Here are some Romanians:


And here are some modern ‘British”:

British Blacks Protest Against Government Cuts


Who would you rather have hanging around?

Anyway, old chap, I leave you with a cross-pond


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