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An Ode to the EBT

We be waitin’ on the playground,

Chillin’ in the park,

To gang up on some white kids

Dat come creepin’ after dark.


We be mobbin’ in the Wal Mart

All us brother thugs,

We runned in here to steal some beer,

We get thirsty sellin’ drugs!

Then we be tryin’ all yo’ windows

And pullin’ on the locks,

Yo’ wife get hurt while you at work,

She gonna taste a nigga’s cock!
Then we gonna sling some dope

An’ count a pile of cash

And mix us up some purple drank

An’ if we have to, beat some ass.



It’s a busy life out here in the hood,

Murder, rape and robbery,

But our needs are taken care of,

Thanks to yo’ generosity.


You see, we is clothed and we is fed,

With gov’ment cheese and gov’ment bread,

Our mayhem, it take calories,

And we get ’em from our EBTs.

1 Comment

  1. anonymous says:

    Maybe America is not so bad:


    Black police officer faces charges for not investigating racial taunts against himself

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