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Daily Chain Pull: “SodoMarriage” in the Land of Lincoln and Elsewhere


The CNN story about Illinois becoming the latest state to allow SodoMarriage is an interesting listen.

It seems that those paranoid right-wing hatemongers who suspected that SodoMarriage would take over America via a political “domino effect” were right.  Illinois is right next door to Iowa where SodoMarriage became legal in 2009 through some of the most egregious judicial activism seen in this country since the 1950s.  Don’t be surprised if Ohio–that bizarre state that fancies itself as conservative–is next.

I chose the picture above because it shows the crowd at a pro-SodoMarriage rally somewhere in Illinois. I’ve decided that that person right in front is the perfect poster…er…individual for gay marriage. Why?

1. Because he or she is ugly–The sodomite lobby is one that–as yesterday’s entry made clear–is not above the politics of personal destruction. Cross the sodomites by daring to oppose them, and they will–WILL–go after you, your job, your family. Also, the very notion of a sodomite relationship being granted the dignity of a state-recognized “marriage” is like political ipecac: it just makes one puke.

2. Because he or she is loud–Sodomites are a minority, and a small one. The total homosexual population is estimated at between 2 and 6 percent of the national population. We’re talking one or two million people–ten million at MOST. Can you remember the last full week of news in which you didn’t hear them mentioned?

3. Because he or she is creepy–Is that a male or a female? When I saw the picture, it immediately brought to mind the drag-queen elevator killer from “Dressed to Kill,” complete with leather jacket. To wit:

The insistence that something as unnatural and destructive as SodoMarriage be accepted and sanctioned is about as good for the society that hosts it as cancer is for the human body. Not because of sheer volume or numbers, as is the case with uncontrolled immigration, but because it undermines the society’s sense of normalcy and forces the majority to oppress its instinct.

France just buckled on a national level in the last few days, but only after stiff opposition from an interesting coalition of movements that marched in the streets.

So the sodomites continue to advance while Western Culture continues to rot and decline.

What else is there to say?


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