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Daily Chain Pull: The Gay Thought Police Marches On

Diana Medley is a Special Education teacher in the Northeast School Corporation of Sullivan County, Indiana and, while at church, spoke on camera to WTWO-TV saying that “Being Gay Is A Choice.”  She went even further, saying that she wasn’t sure that gay people even have a purpose in life. Gays are mad about that, as you might guess. But why was she even on TV in the first place?

You see, this Indiana school district has a lesbian couple planning on coming to its prom and some of the parents and children don’t like that. They think it’s unwholesome and weird, which, to those of us who didn’t major in bullshit, it is. So, they’re looking into holding an “alternative prom” at a local church so that at least one gathering in town that night isn’t besmirched by the latest in politically correct mental illness. And one of the organizers is Ms. Medley.

In the course of doing some limp-wristed local muckraking, a TV station interviewed some of the “hateful, slack-jawed yokels” who dare not accept the love that  dare not speak its name. Ms. Medley, somewhat admirably (if somewhat undiplomatically), chose to call things as she sees them. Watch:

Fair enough. Maybe you disagree. If someone like you or I were to disagree with someone on television, we’d say: “What an ass,” and continue doing something useful. But disagreement is simply not enough for the modern Rump Ranger Ascendant. It seems the gays want her fired and/or disciplined. To wit:

Google “Diana Medley” Petition

But, so far, the school district has made it clear that they won’t fire her for her off-campus activities.

But, alas, I guarantee this isn’t over for the Pink Stasi, who wants to control and eventually end all speech that doesn’t accept and praise sodomy as normal and wholesome. You see, even if you say it at church, at home, in your yard or while checking your mail, the sodomites have figured out how to shut you up…and that’s to twist your words or intentions, label you a bigot and threaten your job. If they succeed in getting you fired, they have punished you and warned the next guy.

This is the strategy of “Repressive Tolerance,” a program outlined by Marcuse. The philosophy is rooted in the idea that fascism takes advantage of free speech to plant its ideas in the listener who then, robot-like, becomes a fascist, ends all free speech and kills Jews, sodomites and Communists.

A quote from Marcuse’s essay (linked above): “[In democratic governments] tolerance is extended to policies, conditions, and modes of behavior which should not be tolerated because they are impeding, if not destroying, the chances of creating an existence without fear and misery.”

Guess who defines “fear and misery”, now known as “bullying”?

Thus, Repressive Tolerance means limiting free speech for the Right and its Republican Reactionaries while insisting upon it for the Left and its Lesbian Loons, no matter how offensive, hateful or stupid their statements are.

The irony of the approach is so glaringly big and so amazingly intellectually insulting that it is usually lost on the sorts of nose-ringed perverts and radicals who embrace it.

Ms. Medley is safe for now but don’t be surprised if the Knob-Gobbling Hobgoblins succeed in pressuring her employer into getting rid of her or threatening her until she quits.

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